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Cook County High School's Envirothon team excels

Envirothon is an annual challenge for high schoolers through the National Conservation Foundation.

Cook County HS took 2nd place at the regional Knowledge Bowl meet

Cook County High School Knowledge Bowl continues success

Knowledge Bowl is a fast-paced, team-based academic competition where students complete tests and engage in head-to-head rounds of trivia to achieve victory.


U of MN researchers develop new technology to make car tires from trees & grasses

A team at the U of MN has invented a new technology to produce renewable  car tires from trees and grasses. Lead researcher Prof. Paul Dauenhauer joined CJ to explain how it works and why it's an important breakthrough. 

Mark Hanson tells stories about the history of the North Shore

Learning history and craft through toboggans

For the last 18 winters, North House Folk School in Grand Marais has been teaching local elementary school classes all about toboggans.

Jack Viron discusses his topic with community members

Cook County High School's Careers and Controversy night

Over the course of the school year, nine Cook County High School seniors reseached controversial topics within careers that interest them.

One of this year's designs

U of MN engineering students make really cool robots

Every year, students taking the U of MN intro to engineering class are charged with designing a robot that does something 'useful.' Dave chatted with Prof. William Durfee, director of engineering design education, about the project and the creative & fun ideas students came up with. You can see this and past year's robots here. 

Youth Radio students work on pieces with Patrick Knight ( far right)

Behind the Scenes of WTIP's Youth Radio Project

WTIP's Youth Radio Project has grown significantly since it's rebirth two years ago.


How to promote gratitude in kids all year long

With Thanksgiving around the corner, now's a natural time for parents, grandparents and teachers to promote gratitude in kids. Dr. Giacomo Bono, assistant professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, has been studying gratitude in children. He chatted with Dave about why gratitude is important, how it affects children's development, and simple ways to encourage kids to be thankful.

"180 Days" by Stan Kusunoki

Teacher & poet Stan Kusunoki visits The Roadhouse during MEA

Stan Kusunoki is a high-potential elementary teacher who is also a published poet. He stopped by The Roadhouse to chat with Dick about his midlife career switch to teaching, poetry, and the pleasures and challenges of working with children. 

2016 IgNobel Awards

2016 IgNobel prizes awarded--research that first makes you laugh, then makes you think

The IgNobels are awarded every year at Harvard University for research that first makes people laugh, then makes them think. Mike Reeves chatted with Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, about this year's awards, the incredible prizes involved, and why the whole thing got started. Nature (magazine) calls the IgNobel awards "the highlight of the scientific calendar." Celebrating research like the effect of wearing trousers on the sex life of rats, or assessing the perceived personalities of rocks, who could argue?