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Wildlife researcher seeks support to solve mystery of brainworm transmission in moose


Scientists believe moose acquire an often deadly brainworm in Minnesota when they eat snails and slugs carrying the parasite’s larvae. The problem is that previous collection efforts have found exceptionally low levels of brainworm larvae in snails and slugs. 
Before leaping to a new theory of brainworm transmission, Dr. Tiffany Wolf of the University of Minnesota wants to better understand snails and slugs. She’s looking to crowd fund the financial support needed to make her research plan feasible.
Wolf and her colleagues plan to screen moose and deer feces for the DNA of the brainworm parasite and gastropods. She hopes the new sampling technique will produce a better understanding of brainworm transmission.
Listen below to an interview between WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs and Dr. Wolf.
And click here to visit the crowdfunding page and to support wildlife research focused on Minnesota’s moose population.