Community Conversations

A lack of long-term rentals in Cook County – A Community Conversation

It can be a challenge to find a long-term rental option to house residents of Grand Marais and Cook County. It’s an issue that impacts local families and individuals, employers and people who would like to call this beautiful part of the North Shore their home.

There are many reasons why this challenge exists in Cook County, and during this Community Conversations program that aired lived June 7, WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs speaks with a panel of local residents, an elected official and property owners in Cook County about various issues on the local level regarding a lack of long-term rentals.

Included on the panel were:

• Cook County Assessor Todd Smith

• Cook County Commissioner and a member of the county’s Vacation Rental Committee, Heidi Doo-Kirk

• Sophie Wyatt, who is a new resident of Cook County and, along with her husband Kyle, recently went through the process of trying to find a long-term rental in the community

• Steve Surbaugh from Cascade Vacation Rentals, a property management company in Cook County that specializes in short-term, or vacation rentals