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A look at the January Law Enforcement Log

Throughout the month the Cook County Sheriff’s Office provides a brief summary of calls made to the law enforcement center. Calls range from 911 misdials and missing pets to vehicle rollovers and fires. WTIP Community Radio asked for more information on many of the calls. Here’s a look at the January 2021 log.

January 1
3:17 a.m. A party called from Grand Portage to ask for a welfare check for a teen in apparent distress on their porch. Deputies responded to discover a domestic disturbance had occurred. A male party was taken into custody.
7:34 a.m. U.S. Forest Service law enforcement requested information on the owners of vehicles blocking the snowmobile trail at Flour Lake. The officer will attempt to find the vehicles to have them move their vehicles.
11:58 a.m. A woman called to try to reach a family member who had experienced a house fire this morning. The sheriff’s office informed the party that there were no fires reported in Cook County. The sheriff’s office determined the fire was in Wright County and called back with that information.
3:06 p.m. A party called requesting a welfare check for his sister because he believes her boyfriend has a criminal past. The caller asked for information on any Illinois warrants. The sheriff’s office informed the caller that he had called the wrong Cook County.
4:28 p.m. A call came in reporting a domestic incident, with loud pounding and shouting at a lodging unit on the Ski Hill Road. A male party left the scene and went to the Ski Patrol shack to report that a female party had stabbed his backpack and his finger. The male party was gone when the sheriff’s office arrived. The female party will stay at the hotel room. Statements were taken from the witnesses.

January 2
1:06 p.m. A party called from a local laundromat to report that a washer was making a terrible sound. The caller was concerned it might catch fire. A key holder was notified and will check the machine.
2:16 p.m. A deer was spooked by a dog on The Point and it went into the lake. The deer was able to get on an ice flow, but it is about 30 feet from shore. The law enforcement center received multiple calls and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was contacted. See related WTIP story here: DNR officer shares updates on deer in Grand Marais Harbor and busy BWCA fishing opener
2:32 p.m. The Grand Portage Trading Post called to report that someone who had been warned not to trespass at the store was outside. The party left and the request for a deputy was canceled.
3:00 p.m. A party called concerned that some family members might be broken down in a purple Jeep on the Gunflint Trail. They were fishing and should have been home by now. The party called back at 308 p.m. and said they had made contact with the family members and they are safe.
3:26 p.m. There was a report of a lost cross-country skier on the Moose Crossing Trail. The man was dropped off where the trail meets the Sawbill Trail and should have been out at 1:00 p.m. Search and Rescue was paged and responders began searching the 600 Road and the Britton Peak Trailhead with snowmobiles. The party was found at 5:18 p.m.
6:16 p.m. A party called for assistance with a family member threatening suicide. Cook County Public Health was contacted and will follow-up.
7:59 p.m. A deputy received a call from a concerned citizen that it was very busy at a residence in Grand Portage and maybe drugs are being sold there. The deputy patrolled area and saw no traffic in or out of the residence. A traffic stop was made nearby.

January 3
8:01 a.m. A party came into the law enforcement center to report that the deer stranded on ice in the harbor last night is still there. They were concerned it would die out there if no one helped. Local conservation officers set off to rescue the deer. See related story here: DNR officer shares updates on deer in Grand Marais Harbor and busy BWCA fishing opener
5:17 p.m. A motorist reported going into the ditch in an Audi Q5 by the Mount Josephine trailhead. No one is injured and they are home safe. They will get the car towed out tomorrow.
6:44 p.m. A party in Grand Marais called to report that their neighbor’s dog is in their yard. This is an ongoing issue. A deputy spoke with the dog owner who said they are trying to relocate the dog as they cannot keep it from darting out the door and running off. The neighbor said they understood and would try to work with the dog owners.

January 5
10:20 a.m. There was a report of a sedan in the ditch on the upper side of Highway 61 just inside the county line. A van is trying to pull it out, but they are on a curve.
11:59 a.m. A caller reported that a truck pulling a 10-foot trailer of cardboard went into the ditch just west of the Ski Hill Road in Lutsen. A conservation officer was on scene at 12:06 p.m. and said there were no injuries, but a tow is needed.
2:56 p.m. A party called to report an unwanted person staying at a family property. The sheriff’s office was unable to reach the party.
4:29 p.m. A motorist in a Subaru Forester reported hitting a deer on East Highway 61. The deer has broken front legs and is trying to move. A deputy dispatched the deer and a party was given a possession tag to take the deer.
4:36 p.m. A party called advising that she and her husband had been getting calls from a Grand Marais number from someone angry because their dog keeps pooping in their yard. The caller said they’re going to throw a big bucket of poop at them. The woman said she and her husband do not have a dog and they live in Lakeville, MN. The party called back at 4:57 p.m. to say she had found out the calls were from her son-in-law as some kind of a prank. She was very angry and asked if a deputy could talk to the son-in-law.
5:39 p.m. A call came in from a party in Grand Marais reporting that an intoxicated person had entered their house and was threatening them.
9:51 p.m. A deputy came across two vehicles blocking County Road 7. One vehicle was having problems and the other motorist was trying to jump-start it. One vehicle owner is going to push the other one home.

January 6
5:40 a.m. A motorist reported hitting a deer near Lindskog Road. The party said there were no injuries to humans and minor damage to the vehicle. The motorist would like to keep the deer and will come in for a possession permit.
9:48 a.m. A Grand Marais business reported finding a small bag of marijuana on the floor near a till. The surveillance camera was checked, but it can’t be seen who dropped it. It is a small baggie, too small to weigh. The item was destroyed.
11:55 a.m. A monthly scheduled test of the countywide system was conducted.
2:32 p.m. Cook County Public Health asked for assistance in getting a person in Grand Portage to Grand Marais. The request for assistance was canceled, the party will take the bus to town.
3:56 p.m. A party reported finding a fresh wolf hide at the junction of Lookout Road and Pike Lake Road. The call was transferred to the Minnesota State Patrol.
6:23 p.m. The sheriff’s office assisted a party in Grand Portage in delivering a trespass letter. After receiving the letter, the party left without incident.
6:44 p.m. There was a report of a brown border collie named Waco running off on County Road 14. The dog owner left their phone number in case he is found.
3:42 p.m. A motorist reported metal debris on the shoulder and fog line on the side of West Highway 61. When a deputy arrived, it was gone.

January 7
3:50 p.m. A party called to report texts from an anarchist right-wing group about overthrowing the government. The texts listed detailed threats to government officials such as Vice-President Pence and certain senators. They shared a screen shot of the texts. The sheriff’s office advised that the party should contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service. Those numbers were provided.
4:20 p.m. A Subaru went into the ditch on a private driveway off of Fall River Road. There is no damage, but the party needs a tow.
10:23 p.m. A party called to report a missing black and white Chihuahua. The dog was last seen in the Village North area.

January 8
3:41 a.m. A deputy noticed that the sign for the Elbow Lake Public Access is missing. Cook County contacted the U.S. Forest Service and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to see if they removed it. The DNR had taken it down to repair and repaint this winter.
8:25 a.m. A caller requested a welfare check for a party in Lutsen. The party has been ill and they are concerned because they have not called or been answering calls for about five days. A deputy stopped at the residence and the party is fine. They will call the concerned party.
1:18 p.m. A party in Grand Portage called to report an unwanted person, banging on the door of their previous residence. The party was issued a citation for trespassing and was warned that if they return they will be arrested.
2:34 p.m. A caller requested assistance in finding a friend living in Grand Marais that she has been unable to get in touch with. She has been trying since last fall. Cook County was able to determine that the friend is now living at the Care Center and provided contact information.
2:48 p.m. A party in Grand Marais to report that her brown Chihuahua, Pedro, got outside and she cannot locate him. He is wearing a dark green harness and is about 5 or 6 pounds. The party called back at 3:30 p.m., Pedro is home.
3:07 p.m. A caller reported an injured fox near the Grand Marais apartments. It appears to have a broken foot and possibly mange. Cook County transferred the call to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
4:45 p.m. Another call came in on the party trespassing earlier in Grand Portage. They have entered another property and are sleeping on a couch. The party’s family was contacted and someone is coming from Princeton to pick them up. A deputy said arrangements were made for the party to stay at the Grand Portage Lodge. At 8:58 p.m., Lodge security said the party needs to be removed. A deputy picked up the party and met family members. Cook County Public Health provided a room in Grand Marais for the night.
10:31 p.m. A caller reported suspicious activity at the Cook County Community Center. They said there was a large truck in the parking lot, revving its engine. A deputy spoke to the party who said he was using his vehicle lights to illuminate the ice rink. He did not mean to cause any problems and will be leaving. He was advised not to skate after the lights are turned off.
11:23 p.m. A party reported the theft of a smart speaker and power cord.

January 9
1:08 a.m. There was a report of a 2013 Kia Sorento in the ditch on Murmur Creek Road, about three miles east of Caribou. North Coast Towing was able to get the vehicle out of the ditch.
8:05 a.m. A U.S. Forest Service officer called for assistance in identification of a party who left garbage out in the wilderness.
12:58 p.m. A party in Tofte called to report that there were two males at their property around 2:40 a.m. The parties are on camera, but not identifiable. One was wearing a puffy military type jacket with a patch on the left arm. The vehicle was a darker colored pickup truck with round head lights, but the license plate was unreadable. Some rolls of copper wire were taken.
4:57 p.m. A caller reported some suspicious activity at Cascade River State Park. They said there were people carrying boxes down to the lake. The vehicle was gone on arrival.
7:53 p.m. A motorist in a white Subaru Forester called to report that he slid into the ditch. There is no apparent damage to the vehicle, but the party needs a tow.
9:34 p.m. A mother and adult daughter got into a dispute while traveling on West Highway 61. The daughter exited the car and went to a nearby home to ask for help. The sheriff’s office transported the daughter to a lodging establishment for the night. The mother called the sheriff’s office wanting to know where her daughter was. Cook County said they would not tell her as her daughter is an adult and they do not need to inform her where the daughter is, but assured her she was okay.

January 10
2:52 a.m. A caller reported that his brother-in-law in Fargo, North Dakota was threatening suicide. Cook County transferred the call to the appropriate agency.
2:31 p.m. A party called to request a deer permit for a roadkill doe that he picked up last night. The permit will be at the lobby window for him to pick up.
2:33 p.m. A call came in from Pincushion Mountain reporting a husky dog sitting in a red Toyota in the parking area. No windows are open and the dog is whimpering. Cook County advised that huskies are well adapted to the cold and the dog is probably whining because it wants to get out and play in the cold weather. The caller said it was weird that someone would go to the ski area and leave their dog in the car. Cook County advised that not all trails allow dogs. A deputy arrived to check on the dog and the vehicle was gone.
8:40 p.m. A young person in Schroeder reported a domestic incident between the adults in the home. One party was arrested and the Violence Prevention Center was contacted.

January 11
12:09 a.m. A party on West Highway 61 said their neighbor is threatening them, saying they are holding his dog. The caller said they don’t have the person’s dog, they were sleeping. A deputy took statements from the reporting party and witnesses and a citation will be issued for disorderly conduct.
2:38 a.m. A caller in Grand Marais reported a flashing light in the air between her house and the neighbors. A deputy drove through the area and the only light seen was on a post on the neighbor’s property.
4:07 a.m. A motorist called to report that the roads over the hill are glare ice. The sheriff’s office contacted the Cook County Highway Department.
6:01 p.m. A school bus reported a black Toyota Tacoma in the ditch on Trout Lake Road. The driver was out of the car and not injured. A tow was requested and North Coast Towing removed the vehicle and towed it to the motorist’s workplace.
7:44 a.m. A party on West Highway 61 reported a dead bobcat on the side of the road by her house on West Highway 61. It is not blocking the road, but the party would like it removed. Cook County contacted MnDOT who will remove the dead cat.
8:37 a.m. A DNR conservation officer requested some information on a party they are dealing with.
4:19 p.m. A Forest Service employee reported a vehicle vs. deer crash. The car is leaking fluid, but is drivable.
4:27 p.m. A party called to report that their family member was a victim of fraud. The party said they have given as much as $10,000 to a person who appears to be a fraud. The family just found out about this. The sheriff’s office will contact the family member and Cook County Public Health.
6:25 p.m. Three drivers on West Highway 61 reported that a deer had been hit on West Highway 61. It is still moving and could be a hazard to vehicles. A deputy dispatched the deer. A party asked if they could get a permit for the deer and a tag was issued.

January 13
7:52 a.m. A party called from East Highway 61 to test 911 for their location.
10:21 a.m. The sheriff’s office received a call from a party that needed to contact Cook County Public Health, who had assisted them in getting a cell phone. The phone was stolen and they need to let them know. The appropriate number was given.
3:39 p.m. A caller reported a green Subaru Forester stuck about 2.5 miles in on the Pine Mountain Road. It looked like the occupants walked away. The parties were found at their residence nearby. They will get the vehicle unstuck.

January 14
12:39 p.m. The county received a repeat call from a party on the Ski Hill Road about an abandoned black Nissan Sentra. The registered owner was contacted and told it needs to be removed as soon as possible.
5:22 p.m. A motorist reported bags of what appeared to be insulation on the Gunflint trail between the water tower and Pincushion. A deputy found empty bags of birdseed on both sides of the road and disposed of them.
5:32 p.m. A party on County Road 7 reported a deer that looked to have been hit by a car and run over a few times. The reporting party dragged it out of the driving lane. There is some car debris on the road.

January 15
7:42 a.m. A caller reported the theft of two trail cameras and solar battery packs in the Greenwood Lake area.
7:46 a.m. A motorist in a Chevy Silverado reported hitting a deer on East Highway 61 on the way to work. The party does not need medical attention but is unsure the deer is dead. A deputy was unable to locate a deer on the highway.
12:16 p.m. A party reported seeing a black dog with a white speckle with a red collar running loose on Mill Road.
2:46 p.m. A party in Grand Marais called after receiving paperwork and a plastic card in the mail that said it’s his economic stimulus payment. It has a VISA logo on it. The party wants to know if this is legitimate. Cook County checked the IRS website and this is how payments will be coming to individuals who do not receive direct deposit or paper checks. They are called Economic Impact Payment cards and are issued by the U.S. Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank, NA.
3:26 p.m. There was a call that a person may need help by the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op. They fell onto their knees. While talking to law enforcement, the individual got up and went inside, so they appear to be okay. Cook County called the co-op to see if everyone inside was okay. There was no one there needing assistance.
8:36 p.m. A caller reported a yellow BMW in the ditch Lutsen. The motorist thought the snowmobile trail in front of the liquor store was a road. They are having trouble getting a tow. Some people passing by assisted the driver in getting out of the ditch. 11:07 p.m. A party called for a welfare check for a party in Lutsen. While on the phone with the law enforcement center, they were able to reach the individual, so there is no need for a check.

January 16
8:24 a.m. There was a report of a German shepherd near Judge Magney that lunges at people walking in the area. The dog has not hurt anyone, but the party would like the sheriff’s office to talk to the dog owner.
8:45 a.m. The U.S. Forest Service asked for owner information on a snowmobile on the Gunflint Trail.
10:08 a.m. A party in Grand Marais called to report that someone put water in their fuel tank. They are having someone look at the tank and fix it. It was determined that the water was because it was a new fuel tank.
11:11 a.m. The sheriff’s office received a 911 call with no answer on callback. GPS put the caller at Kimball Lake. A deputy and DNR conservation officer checked the area. The Forest Service made contact with the party. There was no emergency; it was a misdial.
12:02 p.m. A party in Grand Marais called to say there was some kind of animal in their garage growling. They cannot see what it is. The call was transferred to the Minnesota DNR.
12:11 p.m. A call came in reporting a stuck vehicle on the Carlton Peak Trail, about 200 feet in. North Coast Towing was able to get the car pulled out.
3:24 p.m. A party in Lutsen reported a dog following her while she was walking on the Caribou Trail. The dog is a mixed breed, about 45-50 pounds, mostly brown with some black and gray. The party called back to say they had located the dog owners.
3:40 p.m. A motorist called to report that the Gunflint Trail north of Greenwood Lake is slippery due to freezing rain. The Cook County Highway Department was notified.
3:53 p.m. A party in Grand Marais called about a suspicious individual hanging around residences in Grand Marais. A deputy spoke with the party who said they were visiting someone nearby. The deputy suggested the person go inside to visit, which they did.
5:11 p.m. A U.S. Border Patrol agent requested assistance for a traffic stop.
5:50 p.m. There was a third-hand report of a vehicle rollover about five miles south of Gunflint Lake. The driver was not injured and was taken to Gunflint Lodge. The caller just wanted to report that the road is very icy. The information was passed on to the Cook County Highway Department. The sheriff’s office contacted Gunflint Lodge to see if the driver was there. The individual is there and is okay. The Chevy Tahoe is likely totaled and will be removed when the roads are clear of ice.
10:31 p.m. A deputy hit a great horned owl on West Highway 61. There is no damage to the squad car. The owl is dead. Cook County notified the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
11:38 p.m. A party in Lutsen reported feeling overwhelmed with their current situation. The party was transported to North Shore Health.

January 17
12:10 a.m. A caller in Grand Marais asked what a person should do for someone who is having mental health issues and may harm themselves. The caller was advised that they could take the party to the hospital for evaluation or a deputy could be sent to help. The caller said they don’t want the person to go to the hospital. They said that wouldn’t help.
9:51 a.m. A caller asked if any trucks were out sanding or salting. They said the Gunflint from Gunflint Lake to Round Lake is very icy. The county highway department was notified and responded that highway department vehicles were having difficulty with the icy roads as well. Two trucks were headed up the Gunflint Trail now.
12:37 p.m. A party called to report that someone who is restricted from having a weapon has a gun. The sheriff’s office contacted the person.
2:12 p.m. A caller reported three vehicles in the ditch on the Onion River Road. The reporting party is in one of the cars. The Cook County Highway Department was informed. A deputy provided lights for the towing operation.
2:36 p.m. A party called from Grand Marais to report that a generator is missing from their property. There are also some chairs and tools missing. The sheriff’s office will conduct patrols of the area.
4:26 p.m. A party on Trout Lake Road reported vandalism to their Chevy Silverado. The caller asked if this is something that could be claimed on insurance and requested a report.
5:53 p.m. A caller reported a black Jeep Grand Cherokee off of the road near the Eagle Mountain trailhead. No one is injured, but they will need help getting out. A tow arrived, but it was determined that a flatbed was needed. When the Jeep was pulled out, it was noticed that the right rear wheel was about to fall off. The Jeep was towed to Grand Marais for repairs.

January 18
10:15 a.m. A party came into the law enforcement center and said they had been sideswiped by a blue logging truck that did not stop. Their vehicle had large gouges on the driver’s side flat-bed snowmobile trailer. The sheriff’s office will attempt to locate a truck with that description.
3:42 p.m. Three calls came in reporting a suspicious vehicle on East Highway 61. It is a white, 4-door crew cab pickup with Wisconsin plates. There were four or five males waving a confederate flag. The truck has the word “penis” spray-painted on the back bumper. A deputy located the truck and asked the parties what they were doing. They said visiting High Falls. The deputy explained that callers were concerned about the confederate flag waving. The parties said they were doing nothing illegal. The deputy agreed but said it is not a good idea. They stated they were going back to Wisconsin. The deputy followed the truck as far as County Road 14 as they continued west. There were no further issues.
4:20 p.m. Another call came in about the same pickup. The caller said it just seemed out of place and reminded them of the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol.
4:38 p.m. A citizen called the sheriff’s office to let them know that a passenger side headlight was out on a squad car.

January 19
1:33 a.m. A caller said noises were coming from the upstairs of their building on West Highway 61 and it should be vacant. A deputy checked and there was no sign of anyone entering the upper level.
9:25 a.m. A driver reported a tree across the southbound lane of the Arrowhead Trail, just south of Jackson Lake Road. The information was given to the highway department.

January 21
10:11 a.m. A party called to ask if they could take the large logs from trees cleared from Hungry Jack Road by Caribou Rock. The caller was advised to check ownership and the highway department as they may have done the clearing.
11:38 a.m. A party called with questions about leash laws in the county. The caller said they had problems at the Grand Marais Rec Park, Kadunce, Pincushion, and other areas. The party said if they felt threatened by a dog they would pepper spray it. Cook County advised against that and said if there was a situation like that they should call the sheriff’s office.
11:53 a.m. A party in a Toyota Camry called from the Taconite Harbor Safe Harbor, unable to make it back up the hill to the highway. The party was given contact information for towing companies.
12:14 p.m. A motorist in a black Dodge Ram 1500 called to say they got stuck trying to drive down Murmur Creek Road to Benedict Lane. Cook County reached a tow company who said that is a snowmobile trail that can only be accessed by a groomer at this time. The party apologized and said as soon as they realized it was a snowmobile trail, they tried to turn around. The truck was towed out.
5:58 p.m. There was a second-hand report of a car theft in Duluth and it is believed the suspect is heading to Grand Portage. The registered owner was contacted and said they were coerced to give the vehicle to the party.

January 22
12:22 a.m. A party called asking to be transferred to Dakota County. The party called back at 12:29 and 12:53 a.m. with the same request.
5:53 a.m. A report was made of a gray Pontiac G5 in the ditch on East Highway 61, facing the wrong way. It was unknown if there are injuries. Grand Portage Fire Department and First Responders were paged. When responders arrived they found the car unoccupied. A deputy checked the area, the Trading Post and the Casino for the car owner. A caller contacted the sheriff’s office at 8:42 a.m. asking that the car not be towed. They are working on getting it out. The sheriff’s office advised the party to notify law enforcement sooner in such a situation.
6:56 a.m. There was a report of a white Toyota Tundra in the ditch on Highway 61 near Highway 8. There are no injuries, but a tow is needed. It was determined that the motorist was not in Cook County yet. The call was transferred to Lake County.
9:12 a.m. A party reported an injured wolf, seen on the West Highway 61, limping and with a mangled tail. The call was transferred to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

January 23
9:16 a.m. School District 166 called to report that an individual threw a sign at the feet of a staff member. Similar signs and letters were found at the Post Office and the Cook County News-Herald.
1:00 p.m. A caller reported damage to a box for fees in a parking lot on Bally Creek Road. The sign was torn down and the box was taped shut. No money was taken.
2:09 p.m. The sheriff’s office was asked to be on the lookout for a vehicle that was borrowed and not returned and is now entered as stolen.
7:33 p.m. A party called from the Caribou Trail. They went in the ditch in their Toyota Highlander and are walking down the Caribou. A tow was arranged.

January 23
12:00 a.m. A sheriff deputy met a car speeding on East Highway 61, going 102. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested.
7:46 a.m. An ambulance was requested at the ski hill for a male who fell off the back of a snowmobile. The party was transported to North Shore Health by Cook County Ambulance.
8:01 a.m. A caller reported an unwanted intoxicated party at their house in Grand Portage.
11:28 a.m. A party having difficulty getting a trail pass for snowmobiling called for assistance. Cook County talked to a DNR conservation officer and got instructions for the party.
2:42 p.m. A party called from West Highway 61 requesting a permit for a car-killed deer. Permission was given and the party came into the lobby to pick up the permit.
3:08 p.m. A party in Grand Marais called to report a negative interaction with an individual at Holiday that has an order for protection against him. The party said the individual is now following them. The individual was stopped and said they were not following the reporting party, they were just headed in the same direction. Both parties said they did not know the other person was in Holiday.
7:54 p.m. A caller reported a large bonfire in the Grand Marais Recreation Park. The party wasn’t sure if they were campers or not. A deputy checked and the fire was contained to a cooking grate at a campsite.

January 24
9:17 a.m. The Grand Marais Fire Department and First Responders and Cook County Ambulance were paged to a vehicle rollover at the Highway 61 and County Road 7 intersection. The airbags went off and the windshield is cracked. Three occupants in a Chevy Trailblazer were outside and there were no injuries. Emergency responders were canceled.
4:24 p.m. There was a report of a Honda Accord in the ditch on North Road in Hovland. There was no damage or injuries, but a tow is needed.

January 26
10:09 a.m. A party called from Grand Marais looking for the phone number for the emergency room. They are taking a person with an illness there. Cook County informed the ER that a party was coming in.
1:09 p.m. A caller reported a vehicle parked on the side of the road by Grand Marais State Bank, with an older man inside, slumped over. The party is a school bus driver, taking a nap between bus runs.
1:22 p.m. A party in Schroeder called to report identity theft. They just received a letter saying a family member’s social security number had been used to file an unemployment claim. The family member is deceased.

January 27
4:45 p.m. A party reported an individual coming to their house and making unwanted contact with them on Facebook. The party just wants this recorded in case of future problems.
5:16 p.m. Cook County received a call from New York about a suicidal female they are trying to locate. The caller is unsure if the person is in Cook County, but they have a police record, so they may be in the system. Cook County was unable to locate the individual.
11:34 p.m. A snowmobiler called to report that they had run out of gas and needed a ride to a residence in Lutsen. The party was given a ride.

January 28
11:27 a.m. A welfare check was requested for a party at the Grand Portage Lodge who planned to walk across the border to Canada, looking for a job. The sheriff’s office spoke with the individual. They determined the person was not a danger to themselves or others.
1:54 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a party in the in-home support program. The party did not need medical attention.
9:41 a.m. A party reported someone prowling around their property last night. They left a flashlight behind. He couldn’t find anything missing but wanted to report it.

January 29
4:35 p.m. Two parties called reporting a male in a red van stuck in the ditch on Onion River Road. The male did not have cell service, so asked the party to call for assistance when she had a signal. The sheriff’s office got him pulled out and to the trailhead parking lot. The party will sleep in his van for the night. He has warm clothes and food.
6:21 p.m. Another call came in regarding the male in the red van. A party talked to the individual now parked on Rollins Ridge Road and said he seemed confused. The sheriff’s office responded but the van was gone on arrival.
7:49 a.m. A call came in from Bluefin Bay reporting that a party tried to get into a unit and then passed out in the guest services area. The party was gone when a deputy responded.
11:32 a.m. A party called from Grand Portage reporting a family member with mental health issues.

January 30
10:22 a.m. There was a report of about 12 vehicles parked on the side of the Gunflint Trail by the water tower, partially blocking the road. They were reprimanded for taking up a lane. A deputy encountered another large group by Lullaby Creek and a conservation officer said there was a large group of people airing their tires at the MidTrail Fire Hall. The individuals said they are part of a Polar Run Rally.
3:52 p.m. There was a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence in Grand Portage. The aggressive party has left the house.
9:46 p.m. There was a report of a structure fire on 8th Avenue. The Grand Marais and Maple Hill Fire Departments were paged and extinguished the fire. See the WTIP report here: Garage damaged by fire in Grand Marais Jan. 30

January 31
10:10 a.m. A party called from Virginia, MN reporting threats from an individual in Cook County.
1:10 p.m. A request was made for an available officer to help with lights for a tow for a BMW in the ditch south of Lutsen. Minnesota State Patrol responded to assist.
2:51 p.m. A caller reported losing a Polaris snowmobile key on a black and red lanyard. The party said they would pay the postage to have it sent back to him if anyone finds it.
6:58 p.m. There was a report of a domestic dispute on West Highway 61. A deputy responded and the parties said it was a verbal argument.
10:37 p.m. A party called to report a Honda Pilot in the ditch on the Gunflint Trail, south of the Magnetic Rock Overlook. The reporting party gave the driver a ride to Gunflint Pines to get warm until a tow arrives.
11:06 p.m. A motorist called to report a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 61 near the Temperance River. The driver is okay, just shaken up. A tow was requested. MnDOT was notified that the road was getting slick from Lutsen westbound.

In addition to these calls, there were many others: traffic stops; business and residence checks; fraud reports; medical calls; crank or misdialed 911 calls, and much more.

Anyone with questions for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office may call the non-emergency line at 218-387-3040. In emergencies, dial 911.

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