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A look at the Law Enforcement Log, Jan 7 – 27

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office shared a brief report of calls made to the Cook County Law Enforcement Center from January 7 – 27. WTIP requested more information on a number of the incidents logged by law enforcement dispatchers.

January 7
9:27 a.m.– The Cook County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Grand Marais woman requesting help in getting her husband out of the house as he has been drinking and smoking pot and is threatening her.
1:13 p.m. – A husky named Jack was seen running around the Grand Marais DMV. A deputy attempted to catch him, but he was too fast. The owner was notified.
3:24 p.m. – Cardboard boxes fell off a truck on Highway 61 in front of the Grand Marais State Bank. Workers were cleaning things up. They were advised to use a strap to secure the load.
3:43 p.m. – A party came into the law enforcement center to pick up a deer possession permit. They picked up a doe on Highway 61 east of Grand Marais.

January 8
12:49 a.m.- A 2006 gray Toyota 4-Runner was seen in the ditch on County Road 14. A deputy checked it out. There was no appearance of injuries and there were tracks leading to the vehicle owner’s house. The vehicle is not blocking the roadway.
8:19 a.m. – A purple metal suitcase was found sitting outside the Grand Portage Fire Hall. The suitcase is full of clothes. After contacting someone at the Grand Portage Reservation Tribal Council, it appears that this is a donation for the family who lost their belongings in a house fire. The suitcase was dropped off at the RTC office.
5:35 p.m. – The Grand Marais DMV reported that Jack the dog is looking in their windows again. The owner was contacted and said he had gotten off his chain.
10:27 p.m. – A party reported a person wearing black clothing and a fur hat was walking westbound on Devil Track Road about a quarter mile from the Gunflint Trail. The person was staggering. Deputies located the person whose truck broke down and they were walking to a friend’s house for help. Parties will move the truck as soon as possible.

January 9
1:41 p.m. – A squad car assisting with traffic control as Cook County Towing helped pull a stuck truck out of a driveway on County Road 7 in Grand Marais.
5:02 p.m. – A woman hiking in the Cascade River State Park called to say she had gotten turned around and could not find her way back to Highway 61. She called the state park and Cascade Resort for help. A few minutes after the first call, the party said the Park Ranger had found her and would show her the way out.
5:31 p.m. – A party called from Kelly’s Hill in Colvill to report a missing dog, a female, Alaskan husky named Ayla. The dog was last seen at 11:30 a.m. in the morning.
5:54 p.m. – There was a call of a 49-year-old snowmobiler hitting a moose on the 600 Road in Tofte while going approximately 55 miles per hour. The caller said the driver’s helmet broke when he hit the moose and he was not responsive, but the person became conscious while the 9-1-1 call was being made. The party was getting very cold, possibly in shock. The moose ran off, unknown injuries.
Tofte/Schroeder First Responders staged at Temperance Traders in Tofte to respond. Responders were on the crash scene at 6:47 p.m. Silver Bay Ambulance was paged to assist with transport to a Duluth hospital.
9:11 p.m. – Cook County received a report of a two-vehicle accident about three miles north of Duluth. Cook Countyh notified St. Louis County.
9:38 p.m. – A party in Lutsen called to report gun shots. The party said it could possibly be fireworks, but no fireworks were seen. A deputy patrolled the area and heard nothing and all the residences in the area were dark.
10:31 p.m. – A party in Grand Portage found a great horned owl that had been hit by a vehicle and was still alive. The party thinks the owl is just stunned. No conservation officers were available. Party was advised to let nature take its course. The party said they would keep it warm and give it water and hopefully it will recover and can be let back into the wild.

January 10
9:09 a.m. – A party brought an empty prescription bottle into the law enforcement center take back container.
12:40 p.m. – A party in Grand Marais called to report a problem with dogs running loose in the City of Grand Marais. She just got home and there are pawprints all over her car. She has had problems in the past with dogs using her yard as a bathroom and destroying her garden. The party said she understands there is nothing a deputy can do as the dog is not there now, but she wanted it on record. She said if she finds out who owns the dog in question, she will have some “choice words” for that person.
12:50 p.m. – A deputy reported hearing from residents on Linnell Road that they had a hard time getting up the road. The information was shared with the Cook Countty Highway Department.
2:09 p.m. – A party was arrested on a warrant from Chisago County. Party paid bail and was released.
3:25 p.m. – A party called to report a minor fender-bender in the school parking lot. The party admitted her car was parked in a bad spot. A driver in a pickup truck with a snowmobile in the truck bed hit her car with the snowmobile skis. Parties exchanged insurance information.
8:14 p.m. – A party in Grand Marais called to report that his girlfriend was smoking pot and he is not okay with that. A deputy responded to the incident as a verbal domestic disturbance.

January 11
8:17 a.m. – A party called to say they had lost their wallet at the WunderBar the night before. There were some unknown charges on the credit card. The party called back at 9:30 a.m. to say the wallet had been found in a snowbank at the WunderBar. They will talk to the credit card company about the charges.
11:03 a.m. – A party in Grand Marais reported that a package had been delivered to a house that had been vacant for some time. A deputy went to the residence, checked address and the rightful owner was contacted to pick up the package at the Law Enforcement Center.
11:35 a.m. – A party in St. Louis called Cook County Law Enforcement because they knew the nonemergency number. They requested a deer possession permit. The party was advised to contact State Patrol.
12:08 p.m. – A party called from the ski hill reporting a stolen purse. No suspects at this time.
4:57 p.m. – A woman called to report a small fender bender on Ski Hill Road. The party said the car in front of her braked quickly and she ran into them on the slippery road. No injuries and minimal damage to vehicles. The reporting party said her headlight was about to fall off. She was advised to take the headlight in place until she can get it repaired. Parties exchanged insurance information.

January 12
2:13 p.m. – A caller reported that a truck just went in the ditch just south of Silver Bay. The call was referred to Minnesota State Patrol.
3:55 p.m. – There was a report of a white Ford Escape in the ditch in Lutsen. The vehicle tipped, but did not roll. There were no injuries. The driver needed to return to Thunder Bay, so would arrange for the car to be picked up later.
5:46 p.m. – Cook County Towing requested help with lights for two different tows at two locations on County Road 7.

January 13
6:34 a.m. – Cook County received multiple calls about two dead deer in the northbound lane of Highway 61. The county contacted Minnesota State Patrol.
6:49 a.m. – A party reported a dead wolf in the centerline of Highway 61 by Spruce Creek Cabins in Lutsen. Minnesota State Patrol was contacted.
9:55 a.m. – The sheriff’s office was contacted regarding mental health concerns for a juvenile. Party was found safe at home.

January 14
12:14 a.m. – A party called the law enforcement center to get the nonemergency number for St. Louis County to request a welfare check for his son. Cook County offered to connect the party to St. Louis County 9-1-1 and the party was hesitant to do so. Cook County provided the number. The party called back at 1:24 a.m. after being unable to reach St. Louis County. Cook County advised the party to call back to be connected with 9-1-1.
3:09 p.m. – Lutsen Mountains contacted law enforcement to let them know about a possibly abandoned vehicle. Cook County provided information on the registered owner and they will contacted. They will move the car tomorrow.
5:20 p.m. – A deputy responded to a vehicle in the ditch on West Highway 61. No injuries or damage to the vehicle, a white 2011 Cadillac. The driver had called for a tow. No further response needed.

January 15
9:30 a.m. – The sheriff’s office received a report of an unwanted person on West Highway 61. The person was at his neighbor’s house, searching through his stuff and threatening him. Party left, but returned and is knocking on the door. A sheriff deputy responded and talked to both parties.
10:47 a.m. – A party received text messages believed to be frauds. They did not give out any answers. Cook County advised that is the correct response and said to ignore further texts.
1:06 p.m. – Cook County probation notified the law enforcement of a transport of an inmate to the Northeastern Regional Corrections Center.
10:56 p.m. – A sheriff deputy removed a bumper off of Highway 61 on the west end of the county.

January 16
6:00 a.m. – A party was playing a card game on the computer when a box popped up on the screen, telling her that she would be getting money deposited in her account, but it looked like they were attempting to take money out instead. She also received a phone call allegedly from the same person. She contacted her bank and changed account numbers, but wanted this on record.
8:28 a.m. – A radio call came in to law enforcement from the US Forest Service. The Forest Service was contacted to see if all personnel were accounted for. That was the case, it appears someone bumped their radio.
9:19 a.m. – A party called to say they really needed someone to talk to. They are not suicidal, but just need to talk about some issues. They didn’t know who to call. They were given the phone numbers for Public Health, the Birch Tree Center and the suicide prevention line.
10:01 a.m. – A party reported that they had received a robo call allegedly from the Social Security administration. Law Enforcement advised them that Social Security would not call, but would send a letter if it had an inquiry.
12:15 p.m. – There was a report that a semi-trailer had lost about six bales of hay in the road on east Highway 61, scattered in several locations. Deputies stopped the truck. All the bales were removed from the road by 12:43 p.m.
4:35 p.m. – A brown pitbull mix and a German shepherd mix puppy were seen running loose on West Highway 61 in Grand Marais. The owner said the dogs had gotten off leash and she had them back. The owner was advised of the leash law and told she could be cited for a violation if it happened again.
5:55 p.m. – A party requested a welfare check for a 14-year-old female walking in basketball shorts. Deputy found no sign of the girl.

January 17
5:50 A.M. – A party reported being assaulted by his neighbor with a pair of scissors, the same person from an unwanted person call earlier in the week. The party said the man stuck him in the hand with scissors. The building landlord intervened and the suspect went to his own apartment. The party was detained and taken to Cook County Jail.
10:18 a.m. – Two cars collided on Fifth Avenue in Grand Marais. There were no injuries and both vehicles suffered minor damage.
10:19 a.m. – A party stopped into the Law Enforcement Center to report icy conditions on the old Gunflint Trail and asked that the highway department sand that area more often. Cook County Highway Department was notified.
12:41 p.m. – A party called to report that they had hit a bobcat on West Highway 61. No human injuries or damage to vehicle.
2:21 p.m. – A 2008 Jeep compass went into the ditch on Highway 61 in Grand Portage. There were no injuries.
2:38 p.m. – A party called to report a snowmobile driving through his property. He did not see the party, just the tracks. Cook County advised that this needed to be reported as trespass and explained that he would need to post “no trespassing” signs. Cook County advised to call back if the problem continued.
3:00 p.m. – A party called from Grand Portage to report that a relative has had items stolen from him. A deputy attempted to follow up, but no one answered at the residence.
4:57 p.m. – A party came in to the law enforcement center for testing requested by Cook County Probation.
7:31 p.m. – A motorist almost hit a fox when turning off of Highway 61 to Linnell Road. Instead of running off, the fox walked down the road in front of her. When she got to her driveway the fox was right beside her car. The fox seemed healthy, but she thought someone should know as the behavior was odd. The party was given contact information for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
7:53 p.m. – A motorist reported a large moose in the traffic lane on West Highway 61. They were concerned it might get hit. Information shared with officers on duty.
9:33 p.m. – Sheriff deputies attempted to pick up an individual from Grand Portage for Cook County Probation. They were unable to locate person.
10:18 p.m. – A caller reported a large snow drift in the eastbound lane of Highway 61 near Cutface Creek. The information was passed along to Minnesota State Patrol.
11:04 p.m. – Cook County Towing requested traffic assistance as a pickup was pulled out of the ditch on West Highway 61.

January 18
8:43 a.m. – There was a report of a black Toyota Highlander in the ditch on Highway 61 west of Cascade River. The car was pulled out without assistance.
10:26 a.m. – A caller reported a black truck with Ontario plates travelling Highway 61 at a high rate of speed. Cook County shared the information with Minnesota State Patrol.
12:33 p.m. – Cook County Ambulance got stuck and needed a tow. The ambulance called back at 12:47 p.m. to cancel, they were able to get out.
1:26 p.m. – Dispatchers received an emergency 9-1-1 text and tried calling the number back. The phone was one that does not accept calls. A deputy visited the residence and the individual said there was no problem. The party allowed a sheriff deputy to search the cabin. This is the second time this has happened in the last two months.
1:50 p.m. – There was a report of an intoxicated person at a local business. A deputy located the party and stopped them. The driver was sober.
3:35 p.m. – A party reported that someone plowing had left snow banks on Highway 61. Call referred to Minnesota State Patrol.
4:19 p.m. – A party on East Highway 61 called with questions about someone parking near his driveway.
4:27 p.m. – A 2018 Chevrolet Colorado was hit by a Chevy Silverado plow truck in the parking lot of Eagle Ridge on Ski Hill Road. Both vehicles were driveable and insurance information was exchanged.
5:05 p.m. – A party from Worth County in Iowa requested a welfare check for a Grand Marais woman. She has been answering calls, but not speaking. Cook County made contact with the woman whose portable phone has not been working properly. She will call the reporting party to let them know she is okay.

January 19
6:48 a.m. – Cook County received a report of a stolen truck by a party on crack. The incident was in Thunder Bay, so Cook County provided the phone number for Thunder Bay Police Department.
11:23 a.m. – Cook County received a 9-1-1 call reporting a rollover on West Highway 61. The car landed on the roof and a female passenger was inside. The air bags deployed. Sheriff deputies, Minnesota State Patrol, County Ambulance and Lutsen Fire and First Responders were paged. Lutsen Fire deployed extrication equipment to remove the woman from the car. She was on board the ambulance by 12:16 p.m. and transported to North Shore Health with non-life-threatening injuries.
2:22 p.m. – An international worker reported a lost passport. The party called back on January 30. The passport had been found.

January 20
11:11 a.m. – A delivery truck in the alley between White Pine North and Sven & Ole’s clipped the White Pine building. Driver needs a report for the company insurance company.
2:35 p.m. – A party on east Highway 61 reported that people are parked at the end of their driveway. Reporting party has signs up, but people are ignoring them. Cook County contacted one of the vehicle owners.

January 22
1:12 a.m. – Cook County received a report of a vehicle off the road by the library. The vehicle was unoccupied with open alcohol containers inside. The party was located at a nearby residence. The driver said he slid off the road while trying to make a U-turn. The driver was charged with driving with a revoked license and warned for open containers.
6:13 a.m. – Cook County assisted a party waiting for a tow truck to contact AAA roadside service.
8:02 a.m. – The sheriff’s office received a call of snow drifts in the roadway on east Highway 61. The information was passed on to Mn/DOT.
8:03 a.m. – A party reported that a curve on Highway 61 is icy and snow covered. The information was shared with MnDOT, which was heading out to clear roads.
10:14 a.m. – The Cook County Sheriff’s Office assisted customs with the search of a vehicle.
2:45 p.m. A party called from Lutsen reporting a theft from a pickup. The parties are known to the caller, who had an altercation with one of the people. The ownership of the vehicle was in question.

January 23
12:39 p.m. – A caller reported hitting a deer. There were no injuries and there was minimal damage to the vehicle. The party was not sure if the deer was dead. A deputy checked and the deer was dead. A party will take possession of the deer.

January 24
8:55 a.m. – A party called to report that she was in the ditch on Devil Track Road. A tow truck is coming.
9:07 a.m. – Grand Portage security called for assistance in identifying a vehicle parked at the Grand Portage Trading Post.
11:22 a.m. – A party reported hitting a deer. There were no injuries and an estimated $4,000-$5,000 in damage to the vehicle. Party was given a report for insurance purposes.
11:36 a.m. – A deputy delivered a donation to the Mount Rose Community Church for the Amy Deschampe family, who lost their home to a fire.
2:04 p.m. – A party that purchased a snowmobile had problems when he attempted to register it. The vehicle ID numbers did not match on the side panels and chassis. Cook County ran the VIN and no record was found of a stolen snowmobile or parts. Party was advised to contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
4:48 p.m. – A deer hit on West Highway 61 needed to be dispatched. A deputy responded.
8:26 p.m. – A party reported a lost diamond engagement ring, thought to be lost at Pincushion Mountain parking lot. The party called back on January 25, the ring had been located.

January 25
10:16 a.m. – A party called to say they needed to go to Birch Tree for behavioral health issues. Cook County tried to call back and the phone went right to voice mail. A welfare check was made and a party was transported to North Shore Health to be assessed before being sent to Birch Tree in Duluth.
12:57 p.m. – A party reported a sexual assault in Lutsen. This is under investigation.
4:36 p.m. – Two parties were picked up on felony warrants.
4:54 p.m. – A party found a credit card and identification in a coat that had been donated.
5:05 p.m. – A rented U-Haul truck slide out of a driveway onto the Croftville Road. The truck is blocking the road, but a tow should be coming in 20 minutes.
7:47 p.m. – There was a report of an enclosed snowmobile trailer in the ditch at Skyport Lane. North Coast Towing will be coming to pull it out.
8:08 p.m. – A shepherd/boxer mix dog ran off while they were visiting Gofer Cabins/Village North. The female dog named Jezebel has a tag with the owner’s phone number. The dog owner called back on January 26 to report that they found the dog alive with some sore paws.
10:19 p.m. – Cook County received a report of a male party who attempted to use a fake ID to purchase drinks at Skyport/Raven Rock Grille. The male became combative when asked to leave. He was found to be intoxicated and in possession of a fake ID.

January 26
2:47 p.m. – A deer ran into the side of a Cook County Sheriff’s Office squad car. The deer ran off. There was no injury to the deputy and there was a small dent on the driver’s side of the squad car.
4:21 p.m. – A property owner on Beargrease Crossing in Grand Marais reported a vehicle with two passengers on their road and they have no reason to be there.
4:36 p.m. – A party called to report that a “Lake” was starting on First Avenue West. The city street department was notified.
8:56 p.m. – An employee at Sven & Ole’s went to the bank and found a debit card in the ATM. They contacted the law enforcement center, which was able to locate the owner. The car owner thanked Cook County for the phone call and thanked the person who found the card and turned it in.

January 27
5:45 a.m. – A party called from Schroeder stating that the lights on top of the smokestacks at the Taconite Harbor plant were flashing constantly. He wondered if something was wrong. Cook County contacted Minnesota Power dispatch who said they would have someone visit the site to check things out.

Miscellaneous calls
During this time period, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office conducted 115 traffic stops with 15 warnings issued, 59 reprimands and 11 citations. Sheriff deputy conducted 71 business or residence checks. Deputies participated in seven patrols with the U.S. Border Patrol Stonegarden program.
There were 20 medical calls.
Eight burn permits were issued and four permits to carry or acquire a weapon. Dispatchers also handled 35 crank or misdialed 9-1-1 calls.

If you need to contact the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, call 218-387-3040. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.