Rhonda Silence

A school board member’s thoughts on the Local Indian Education Committee

In the last year the School District 166 school board has made a concerted effort to include a report from the Local Indian Education Committee (LIEC) on its agenda, in part at the request of the LIEC parent committee members.

Hear from LIEC members Anna Deschampe and Erik Redix, in this WTIP interview: Learning more about the work of the local Indian education committee.

School Board Member Deb White, who serves School District 1, the Colvill, Hovland, and Grand Portage area, is a longtime member of the LIEC. She notes that in years past the conversation between School District 166 and the Grand Portage community was fairly one-sided, with the school directing the conversation. White tells WTIP she is pleased with the energy and enthusiasm of the parents on the current LIEC board. She says that although there is still work to be done, communication has improved.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with School District 166 Board Member Deb White about the purpose and history of the Local Indian Education Committee, as well as its work in the school.

Here’s their conversation.