Carl Anderson

‘A Tale of Two Erins’ on first full day of 2021 Beargrease

Musher Erin Schouweiler was the first person to cross the finish line in the John Beargrease 120-mile race. This is her second consecutive victory in the race.

Schouweiler crossed the finish line near the Trestle Inn just before 6 a.m. Her total race time was 18 hours, 57 minutes, 49 seconds.
In second place in the 120-mile race was Michael Bestgen followed by Rita Wehseler.

The full marathon continues through the night Monday and into Tuesday. Gunflint Trail-based musher Erin Altemus was out in front for much of the day Monday as the leaderboard continues to shuffle.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Beargrease Spokesperson Monica Hendrickson Feb. 1 for an update on the 2021 race. Listen to the audio below to hear the full report.