A weekend in Lutsen
Joan Tupy
Community Voices

A weekend in Lutsen

Story by youth volunteer Ezme Mundell

On Friday morning my grandpa and grandma took my sister and me fishing on Caribou Lake! It was a lot of fun but we had no luck with fish.  Then the next day, all my family was up Aunts, Uncles, Cousins! 

My dad, Joe Mundell, went fishing early in the morning with my two uncles Mike and Eric Tupy, and my grandpa Paul Tupy. Everybody caught a fish. My grandpa even caught a rock!

We started our day off with my mom’s delicious egg bake! One highlight from this weekend was tubing with my cousin Lola and my sister Beatrice! We sat on a couch-sized tube and my grandpa pulled us around  Caribou! I loved going over the bumps because you would feel scared but that is what made it fun! 

After that, we headed into town so my family could look around in the shops. Lola, Beatrice, and I sat on top of Voyageurs with a smoothie from Java Moose! I had a mango smoothie! Then we came home and had homemade pizza. For dessert, I made a carrot cake for my grandma and grandpa’s 50th anniversary! To top the night off we played Pictionary and had a campfire! Having my family up is a treat!