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Board of Directors

WTIP Open Meeting Policy 

WTIP’s open meeting policy for its board of directors meetings allows for all persons to attend any open meeting of the board of directors or advisory board without requiring that the person register or provide such person’s name or any other information, except as would be reasonably required to maintain a safe meeting environment.  If a meeting or portion of a meeting is closed due to content regarding personnel, financial or legal as otherwise deemed closed by the board or legal counsel, a written statement containing an explanation of the reasons for closing the meeting shall be provided within a reasonable period of time.

Board of directors meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday at 4 pm of each month. 

Meetings are currently held via Zoom. Please contact the station for the link to attend.

218-387-1070 or

For more information about the board, contact WTIP Executive Director Matthew Brown at

 Current members:  Term Expires / Position:  Residence:
Dave Tersteeg  2023  Grand Marais
Mike Reeves  2024   Treasurer  Tofte
Molly Hicken  2023  Vice president  Lutsen
Mary Somnis  2024   President Grand Marais
Leslie Anderson  2024   Secretary Grand Marais/
St. Louis Park
Clay Ahrens 2024 Gunflint Trail/
Carly Puch 2024 Grand Marais


WTIP Community Radio Board of Directors Governance Summary

The governance committee of the WTIP board of directors has prepared and submitted the following “Governance Principles” to the WTIP board of directors.  The board approved this summary at its January 26, 2017 meeting.

According to the “National Council on Non-Profits”, members of a nonprofit board of directors are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. They also play a key role as “advocates for the mission” of the non-profit.

WTIP Board of Directors Mission Statement:

The purpose of the WTIP board of directors is to ensure the long term viability of this valued community asset by adopting effective, ethical, and legal governance and fiscal management policies, and to make certain that WTIP has sufficient resources to advance its mission of “WTIP connects, reflects, and builds community on the North Shore of Lake Superior”.

Responsibilities of the WTIP Board of Directors:  Four “Principles of Sound Practice” are considered guidelines for establishing key responsibilities of a non-profit board of directors: Legal Compliance and Disclosure; Effective Governance; Strong Financial Oversight; and Responsible Fundraising.

The primary responsibilities of the WTIP board of directors are to:

  • Review and support the mission, strategic direction, compensation practices, and governance policies of WTIP
  • Review timely reports of WTIP’s financial activities to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Support the fundraising efforts of WTIP and ensure that effective policies and procedures are in place for good stewardship of charitable resources
  • Ensure WTIP is compliant with all applicable federal laws and regulations as well as those that may apply at a state or local level and that it maintains its tax-exempt status
  • Hire, provide oversight, and establish the compensation level for the WTIP Executive Director
  • Review WTIP’s financial practices to ensure that the organization is adhering to approved policies and legal requirements

Individual WTIP Board Member Responsibilities:  To effectively support the mission of and, in consideration of the responsibilities of the WTIP board of directors, individual members will be expected to:

  • Actively participate in WTIP board governance by attending and participating in board meetings, serving on committees, and fulfilling required commitments
  • Contribute to and be active in WTIP’s fundraising activities
  • Be fully informed about WTIP’s mission, programs, and finances
  • Maintain high ethical standards and never allow a personal conflict of interest to affect your decision making
  • Share your personal and professional expertise with the WTIP board of directors
  • Understand the role of the WTIP board of directors is to govern and the role of WTIP management is to manage