Rhonda Silence

An update from Grand Portage Health Services

The number of COVID-19 cases has climbed significantly in Cook County in October and November. Local medical facilities—Cook County Public Health, North Shore Health, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, and Grand Portage Health Services—have been very busy with testing and notifying patients. WTIP checked in with Grand Portage Health Services Director Jenn Sorenson to hear how things have been going in the Grand Portage community.

Specifically, we asked Sorenson if the numbers reported by Cook County Public Health include the cases in Grand Portage. Sorenson said that is correct, the Grand Portage numbers are included in that overall number.

Sorenson said although there are fewer staff members working on notifying people of contact with positive COVID-19 cases, Grand Portage Health Services has been keeping up.

Sorenson noted that she, like so many other medical providers, is concerned about the recent increase in numbers. She said although community members are frustrated with the prolonged pandemic, she said for the most part the community has been supportive and understanding.

Asked what people should be doing at this time, Sorenson said we need to remember the pandemic is not yet over. She asked people to “remain vigilant,” to get a vaccine, wear a mask, wash their hands and most importantly stay home if they are sick.

Anyone who would like to schedule a vaccination with Grand Portage Health Services or who has questions may call 218-475-2234, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence talks to Health Director Jenn Sorenson about all this in this interview.