Iditarod 2024

Rena Rogers: March 2 Ceremonial Start Activities

The Iditarod sled dog race begins officially in Willow, AK on March 3 this year, but on March 2 the mushers and their teams will take part in a ceremonial start in Anchorage. Each year IditaRiders can bid for spots to participate in the ceremonial 11-mile trail by riding with a musher. This year’s roster of mushers includes two people with Cook County connections, Erin Altemus of Sawtooth Racing, and Anna Hennessy, former Cook County resident who will race this year for Alaska-based Shameless Huskies Kennel. On the roster of IditaRiders is Rena Rogers, who will accompany Altemus on her sled during the ceremonial start.

Video below from Rena Rogers before the ceremonial start.