Childcare Challenges for Cook County

A regional look at a local problem–lack of childcare

WTIP has recognized that a lack of childcare in the community is causing concern locally and regionally. We talked to Bill Hansen, a community leader and board member of the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation, when we started this series focusing on childcare.

Now we’re checking in with Hansen again, after his attendance at a presentation regarding the childcare issue in the entire northland.

Hansen fills us in on the release of a study about childcare in the region put together by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation, the Minnesota Iron Range Resources Board, Blandin Foundation and the Northland Foundation.

This is part 1 of our discussion with Hansen, who attended that presentation on the study on October 25. Here’s Rhonda Silence with what he had to say about the need for the study, the methodology used to collect the information…and a little about possible solutions to this childcare crunch.