Ellen Hawkins
Boundary Waters Podcast

Boundary Waters Podcast Ep. 103 – Wolves and Wilderness

This episode is built on the connection between wolves and wilderness. Featuring Ellen Hawkins, a North Shore resident who had an extraordinary wolf encounter in 1985, that has shaped the way she thinks about wolves, wilderness and humans too. After Ellen’s story about “the wolf in the window,” Giselle Narvaez Rivera from the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN offers some perspective on wolf-human interaction, based on the work being done at the Center to educate others about the lives, behaviors and history of wild wolves.

Ellen Hawkins’ house, where a timber wolf knocked on the window, one cold winter night.

We also have a fresh segment of “Keep it Wild,” our monthly check-in with the U.S. Forest Service. The topic of discussion is “Leave No Trace” principles in the winter season, when everything is covered in snow and ice.