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Staci Drouillard
Boundary Waters Podcast

Boundary Waters Podcast – Ep. 107 with Jim Hulbert, inventor of the quota system

This episode is packed with stories from the Wilderness! If you’ve ever wondered about the permit quota system and how that came to be, you’ll want to hear Bill Hansen’s interview with Jim Hulbert, one of the people who developed the very first “Visitor Distribution Program,” back in the early 1970’s.
There’s also a new segment of “Keep it Wild,” which covers BWCAW “Fishing 101.” And we’ve also gathered up a collection of critter stories from Canoecopia 2024. We hear about a wolf “greeter,” being charged by a moose, a hungry bear story and what happens when mice attack.

Thanks to everyone who shared your stories with WTIP for this diverse, fun and informative episode!
(Photo courtesy of Jim Hulbert)