Submitted Image of David Dale Owen Map
Lake Superior Project

Lake Superior Project – Early Ojibwe Names on the David Dale Owen Expedition Map

“The Lake Superior Project” is an ongoing WTIP series–focusing on the Lake Superior region.

Section of David Dale Owen Map, Grand Marais (Bitobig) to Cascade River.

In this segment, naturalist Kurt Mead and Grand Portage Ojibwe language coordinator Erik Redix, work together to decipher early Ojibwe names for North Shore rivers and streams, which were transcribed during the David Dale Owen expedition of 1848. The map pre-dates other early surveys of the North Shore, and many of the Ojibwe names on the map inform the land and waterscapes today.

Thanks to Kurt Mead and Erik Redix for your contributions to this segment, with gratitude to the Blandin Foundation for supporting history and culture programming on WTIP.