Superior National Forest
Lake Superior Project

Lake Superior Project – Health of the Superior National Forest

Spruce Bud Worm. Photo by Ryan Pennesi.

Red Turpinetine Beetle Research

WTIP’s “The Lake Superior Project” is a multi-part series focusing on the Lake Superior region. In this two-part story, producer Martha Marnocha investigates the current health and historical importance of the Superior National Forest.

Trees affected by draught on the Arrowhead Trail

In part one, we hear from two U.S. Forest Service silviculturists about current threats to the health of the boreal forest in our backyard including Spruce Bud Worm, climate change and the decline of Birch species across the forest.

Spruce Bud Worm Damage

In part two, we hear from two foresters–Kyle Stover and Myra Theimer, about their role in managing the forest and why we should value and protect our boreal ecosystem.

Thanks to Kyle Stover and Myra Theimer of the Superior National Forest for their contributions to this segment.

Photos courtesy of the Superior National Forest