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Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Northeast Minnesota – A history of fire, ice and inland seas

Northeast Minnesota has undergone many geologic events to produce the landscape we know today. Most of us know that glaciers left a large imprint on northeast Minnesota, but in Part 1 of a two-part series, Producer Martha Marnocha explores our geologic history before the glaciers – a period of time that lasted over three billion years and known as Minnesota’s bedrock history. Part 2 features more recent geologic history, describing the effect of glaciation. See slideshow for examples of rocks and formations.

Thanks to naturalist Margie Menzies for her contribution to Parts 1 and 2.

In Part 3, amateur geologist and Gunflint Trail resident Doug Turner talks about his developing interest in a “very rocky area” – the upper Gunflint Trail. Turner also shares his experience with a group of geologists who looked for – and found – evidence of an ancient fiery meteorite impact. See slideshow for photos of Doug’s dog, RockC, and examples of the Sudbury meteorite impact.