Photo by David Clode on Unsplash.
Northern Gardening

Northern Gardening: Community gardens

Gardening can be tough in Cook County, and many local gardeners have turned to community gardens to ease some of the challenges together. With community gardens in place at several locations in Grand Marais, a program in Grand Portage, and a proposed community garden in Tofte, they’re a hot topic in the area. Hosts Sarah Waddle and Joan Farnam are joined by several guests for a wide-ranging discussion on the subject.  Guests included in this month’s program are:

Liz Wagner – volunteer organizing the effort to build a community garden in Tofte
George Harrelson – volunteer gardener at the Grand Portage Community Garden, Master Gardener intern
Carol Bennett – gardener at the Community Center Community Garden and board member of the Northwoods Food Project, Master Gardener intern
Jana Berka – gardener at the WTIP Community garden

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