Dr. Seth Moore – Grand Portage Wildlife Biologist

Researchers will collar, study moose on Isle Royale in 2019

Moose and wolves on Isle Royale generated a series of headlines across the country in 2018. The federal government announced in March 2018 that Isle Royale’s decimated wolf population will get an infusion of 20 to 30 new wolves over the next three years.

The National Park Service partnered with both state, federal and tribal agencies during the relocation process.

With several wolves already transferred from the Grand Portage Reservation to Isle Royale, more are scheduled to arrive at Isle Royale in early 2019. These wolves will come from Ontario.

In addition, wildlife researchers aligned with the project will embark on a new study in early 2019: collaring moose at Isle Royale to study their overall health and behavior on the large island in comparison with moose on Minnesota’s mainland. The study will be the first of its kind on Isle Royale, according to Dr. Seth Moore, one of the researchers who will be involved with the moose project.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Moore about the upcoming plans to study both moose and wolves on Isle Royale.