Where are they now?

Tony Hegg enjoying quantum science research

Tony Hegg at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai, China. – Photo courtesy of Tsung-Dao University

In this segment of Where are they now?,  WTIP’s Rhonda Silence speaks with 2004 CCHS graduate Tony Hegg, living in Shanghai, China, via Zoom, about his career and what led to his decision to move there to work at the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute.

Information and photos of Tsung-Dao Lee University and Institute can be found on the organization’s website. The website is interesting with the majority of information user-friendly for Americans, as it is in English.

Hegg recently moved from working at the University to the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute. In this news clip from Shanghai television, you can see Hegg interviewed at about the 2:10 mark. Interestingly again, the majority of the TV segment is in Chinese, but Hegg speaks in English, as a representative of the international scientific community.

Hegg is passionate about his work and likes to share what he can. He talked about the work of getting research published. It is a meticulous and lengthy process. He shared this paper Geometric frustration produces long-sought Bose metal phase of quantum matter, which was published by the National Academy of Sciences in November 2021.

Hear the conversation about all this below.

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