Rhonda Silence

Are there fewer bear encounters this year?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds hikers, campers, and others recreating outdoors to be aware of bears when heading outdoors, whether for a quick hike or a longer camping trip.

People can peacefully share the outdoors with bears by paying attention to where and when they are most likely to encounter bears. Black bears are naturally cautious animals that avoid human contact for their safety.

However, people need to do their part to prevent human-bear conflict. This includes being proactive to avoid startling bears and securing potential food sources.

Securing potential food sources is also important at your home or cabin as well. Bird feeders and trash cans draw bears in.

Learn more about how to safely coexist with bears in Minnesota on the DNR website: Living with bears

Although bears are out and about in our forests, there has not been a significant number of complaints about bear encounters in local police or conservation officer reports. Are bears better behaved this summer?

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence talks to Andrew Tri with the Minnesota Department of Resources bear program to find out.