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Arrowhead Electric readies for project to spray herbicide near the Gunflint Trail

In 2018, staff at Arrowhead Electric Cooperative started a process they refer to as ‘vegetation management.’ The project launched with the intent of increasing the safety and reliability of the local electric system, according to Arrowhead personnel.

The first phase of this program involved cutting woody debris and other material using tools such as saws and blades. For the past two years, mechanical clearing of local power line corridors was completed in the Gunflint Trail and Grand Portage areas. Last year the project area was the West End of Cook County, including Schroeder and Tofte. In 2021, Arrowhead plans include clearing around Lutsen extending to County Road 7.

The second phase of this program involves herbicide applications.

John Twiest, the manager and CEO at Arrowhead Cooperative, told WTIP recently that herbicides used during this phase are fully compliant with all Environmental Protection Agency regulations and will be applied by licensed professionals.

Arrowhead’s contract applicators, Lake States Tree Service, will return to the Gunflint Trail areas in 2021 for selective herbicide treatment. The contractor will be making contacts and will be available to discuss the specific details for each property owner.

The audio below is Twiest’s full conversation about herbicide application and vegetation management in 2021.

These are the names of the herbicides that may be used on the system:

Bark Oil Blue – Lovleland Products

Liberate – Loveland Products

Weather Gard – Loveland Products

Garlon3A – Dow Agrosciences

Milestone VM – Dow Agrosciences

Tordon K – Dow Agrosciences

Vastlan – Dow Agrosciences

Polaris – Nu Farm Americas, Inc.

Progeny – Nu Farm Americas, Inc.