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courtesy U of MN College of Science & Engineering

U of MN students win the Bayer-Big Ten Alka Rocket challenge

Engineering students at the U of MN took a classic science experiment a bit further to win a $25,000 prize and a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Student and rocket team leader Kevin Schrader joined Dave to share the story of winning the Bayer-Big Ten Alka Rocket Challenge with a super-lightweight rocket, powered by fizzy tablets. 


27th Ig Nobel Prizes awarded at Harvard--science that makes you laugh, then makes you think

The 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes were recently awarded at Harvard University. They're given every year for scientific achievements that first make people laugh, then make them think. Marc Abrahams, the editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, joined Dave to talk about this year's winners, including a study on whether a cat can be both a solid and a liquid. You can learn lots more about the awards and the science here. 


U of MN has big presence once again at this year's State Fair

The University of Minnesota is celebrating 158 years at the state fair this summer. The U's vice president of university relations, Matt Kramer, joined CJ to talk about a few of the cool things the U is doing at the fair this year. You can learn lots more about it here. And WTIP will broadcast live from the fair this Wed., Aug. 30, starting at 8 a.m.


U of MN Solar Vehicle Project unveils new car to compete across Australian outback

The U of MN Solar Vehicle Project has a long and successful history. Dave chatted with this year's co-leaders of the project, students Graham Krumpelmann and Patrick Zeimet, about this year's vehicle. The vehicle, named Eos II, will compete in a cruiser class in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across the Australian outback in October.


Lindy Lind, wilderness survival and bushcraft instructor, stops by The Roadhouse

 North House instructor Lindy Lind joined CJ during Wooden Boat Show weekend to talk about bushcraft, wilderness survival, and building a bark canoe in six days during the show. You can learn more about Lindy and his work here.


NPS archaeologist David Cooper discusses the Mackinaw boat "Paul LaPlante" built at North House

David Cooper is an archaeologist with the National Park Service. When David was posted at Grand Portage National Monument, he was instrumental in building the "Paul LaPlante," a reconstructed version of the 19th-century workboat used in the Great Lakes commercial fishing industry. He's back in Grand Marais this weekend for the North House Wooden Boat Show, where the Mackinaw boat is displayed. He chatted with Dave about why the boat is important, how it came to be, and much more.


Cook County High School's Envirothon team excels

Envirothon is an annual challenge for high schoolers through the National Conservation Foundation.


Cook County High School Knowledge Bowl continues success

Knowledge Bowl is a fast-paced, team-based academic competition where students complete tests and engage in head-to-head rounds of trivia to achieve victory.


U of MN researchers develop new technology to make car tires from trees & grasses

A team at the U of MN has invented a new technology to produce renewable  car tires from trees and grasses. Lead researcher Prof. Paul Dauenhauer joined CJ to explain how it works and why it's an important breakthrough. 


Learning history and craft through toboggans

For the last 18 winters, North House Folk School in Grand Marais has been teaching local elementary school classes all about toboggans.