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Clinic CEO explains where local healthcare officials obtain COVID-19 information

WTIP recently hosted a series of local election candidate forums as Election Day draws closer. Indeed, COVID-19 has been a recurring topic in Cook County, across Minnesota and beyond this election season.

Across Minnesota, the politicization of the virus has caused confusion for some people, as some believe the pandemic is overhyped and nothing much to worry about, and others are terrified to leave their own homes out of fear of the virus.

Healthcare officials at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic in Grand Marais told WTIP they strive for a steady response and approach to the pandemic. Nonetheless, there are times when it is challenging to provide guidance and navigate the pandemic when it is not simply science driving the process, according to Kate Surbaugh, the CEO of Sawtooth Mountain Clinic.

In related news, and while speaking with WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs during a live interview Oct. 21, the topic of how Surbaugh and other local healthcare officials obtain their information about COVID-19 was addressed. Surbaugh said much of the information comes directly from healthcare professionals and the clinic’s colleagues across Minnesota, the Upper Midwest and nationwide.

To hear the complete interview with Surbaugh from Oct. 21, listen to the audio file shared below.