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Clinic impacted by cyberattack, risk to patient data remains unknown

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic experienced a cyberattack on various software it uses, though it remains unknown if any patient-related data was compromised as the situation unfolds, according to Kate Surbaugh, the CEO at the local healthcare facility.

“This is happening far away and out of our control,” Surbaugh said on WTIP Dec. 16.

Surbaugh said one of the clinic’s IT partners that hosts some of the Grand Marais healthcare facility’s charting software recently experienced a cyberattack. Security checks are being run at this time to investigate the extent of the cyberattack, including if any data or information specific to patients at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic was compromised.

“We need to wait for the experts to research and find out what happens,” Surbaugh said.

Clinic staff continue to navigate the challenges presented by this situation, but Surbaugh emphasized that operations are continuing and adjustments are being made to deal with some of the technical-related issues. The phone lines are working at the clinic, Surbaugh pointed out, and there are alternate systems in place having to do with the technical side of operations to keep the clinic functioning at this time.

Listen to the audio below to hear the full report from Surbaugh on this situation. Also discussed in this interview with WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs is information related to the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in Cook County.