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Commissioner Ann Sullivan selected as board chair for 2022

Commissioner Ann Sullivan will be the board chair of the Cook County Commissioners for 2022.

The decision to appoint Sullivan as the board chair came during the organizational meeting of the commissioners on Tuesday, Jan. 4. The commissioners nominate and ultimately vote amongst themselves annually for who will serve as chair and vice chair.

Serving as vice chair for 2022 is Commissioner Bob Svaleson.

Prior to selecting these roles, the commissioners reviewed their options for selecting the chair and vice chair. After reviewing their bylaws, the board opted to choose the positions by ballot this year rather than follow the longstanding tradition of voting for these roles through a vocal count or common gesture such as lifting one’s hand to show support for a nominee.

This process to vote by ballot rather than a simple raising of the hands or by stating “aye” or “nay” started in 2020.

Both Sullivan and Svaleson were appointed on unanimous votes by their fellow commissioners.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Sullivan about her expectations and priorities as the board chair in 2022. Audio below.