Community Conversations

Community conversations: mushers ready for Beargrease

Starting on Jan. 28, one of the North Shore’s signature and most iconic events will take place during the John Beagrease Sled Dog Marathon.

The race celebrates the work John Beargrease did in the Northland, as he delivered mail for many years by sled dog to numerous remote regions.

The audio below is a special Community Conversation hosted by WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs. In this program you will hear from two mushers who are competing in this year’s Beagrease.

In the first part of the program Friedrichs speaks with Blair Braverman, a nationally recognized author and musher who is based in Mountain, Wisconsin. Braverman is competing in her first full marathon during this year’s Beagrease.

In part two, we hear from Ely based Peter McClelland, a veteran of the Minnesota mushing scene and founder of White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures.

We’ll hear why got these two individuals became interested in the sport, the challenges associated with the mushing lifestyle and what the John Beargrease means to them personally.

The trail conditions for the 2018 Beargrease look favorable and there are more than 50 racers signed up between the marathon and mid-distance events. For information on the 2018 race, click here.