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Parker J. Palmer's "5 Habits of the Heart"

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The audio files above are of Parker J. Palmer, founder of The Center for Courage and Renewal, speaking in depth about "5 Habits of the Heart".  Parker believes that if taken together, these habits are critical to sustaining a democracy.  The habits are described as deeply ingrained ways of seeing, being and responding to life that involve our minds, emotions, our self-images, our concepts of meaning and purpose in life.

1.  An understanding that we are all in this together.
2.  An appreciation of the value of "otherness."
3.  An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways.
4.  A sense of personal voice and agency.
5.  A capacity to create community.

Parker will be featured in Part 3 of WTIP's "Becoming the Best of Ourselves" series, airing Thursday, April 17 at 7 pm.