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Cook County Chamber workforce recruiting resumes

In 2019, the Cook County Chamber created a position to help fill the worker shortfall here on the North Shore. The chamber sought funds and hired a workforce recruiter to reach out to potential employees to encourage them–and assist them–with moving to Cook County. Laura Muus was hired for that role.

The workforce recruiting focused primarily on hospitality industry workers from Puerto Rico. These workers are American citizens who require no visas, and their industry has been severely damaged by hurricanes and earthquakes. Unfortunately, just as that effort was gaining traction, the pandemic hit and it was put on hold.

The chamber has now restarted. Laura Muus, the chamber workforce recruitment specialist, is back to work and redoubling her effort to help find workers for Chamber members.

At this time, her services are available at no cost for Cook County Chamber members. The current efforts are funded by a Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation grant that was secured to underwrite her Puerto Rico effort. Until those funds are exhausted, membership in the Chamber is all you need to avail yourself of Laura’s assistance.

Muus can be contacted at or at 370-2410.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Muus about her work, including the extra challenges of bringing workers into Cook County during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s their conversation.