Cook County experiences 60 mph winds, power outages, and downed trees
Kalli Hawkins

Cook County experiences 60 mph winds, power outages, and downed trees

Updated 6:08 p.m.

There are more weather related developments in Grand Marais and along the North Shore.

WTIP received news that a building in downtown Grand Marais, Moose Tracks has lost a portion of its roof due to the sustained 60 mph winds. The downtown area will remain closed until officers can ensure public safety and the city of Grand Marais has cleared the debris.

In addition, there are more reports of downed trees in Grand Marais and across the entire county.

WTIP spoke with Arrowhead Cooperative at 5 p.m. following county wide power outages. Arrowhead Cooperative said “At around 4:30 p.m. the transmission system from Great River Energy went out. They are working to restore power to our substations to get the majority of the system back online. We have additional crews enroute to assist with the ongoing outages this evening.”

Originally posted at 1 p.m.:

Cook County and many other places across the state and nation are experiencing the severe effects of the late December winter storm.

Conditions in Cook County deteriorated as the winter storm warning transitioned into a wind chill advisory with potential gusts reaching 60 mph.

Starting Dec. 22, wind gusts across the county ramped up and howled throughout the night. On Dec. 23, the National Weather Service recorded 60 mph winds in the Grand Marais harbor. Later in the afternoon, there were reports of 74 mph winds.

As wind speeds picked up, WTIP received reports of power outages and downed trees across the county.

WTIP spoke with Arrowhead Cooperative at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 23 following the first reports of a power outage near Hovland. Dan Johnson, operations manager, said Arrowhead Cooperative was aware of the outage, and crews were working to restore power. In addition, Johnson said there were reports of outages in Grand Portage and along the shore, specifically near Cutface Creek.

Shortly after, Arrowhead Cooperative received reports of outages in the Maple Hill vicinity.

To report additional outages, Arrowhead Cooperative requests individuals call 218-663-7239.

The National Weather Service cautions individuals to expect difficult travel conditions and poor visibility. The wind chill advisory remains in effect until 8 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 25.