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Cook County resident in early 30s dies from COVID-19

A Cook County resident in their early 30s recently died from COVID-19, according to data shared today (Jan. 26) by the Minnesota Department of Health.

The local resident was between the ages of 30-34, according to the state’s health department. Cook County public health officials confirmed the death with WTIP but declined to share any specifics or further details.

This is the second Cook County resident to die from COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic.

Cook was the last county in Minnesota to report a death from COVID-19 among its local population. The first local resident died from COVID in November 2021. All other 86 counties across the state have reported multiple deaths among their local residents.

Since the COVID pandemic first arrived to the state in March 2020, more than 11,280 people have died from complications of COVID-19 in Minnesota.

Cook County’s case count for COVID-19 has gone up dramatically in the first month of 2022. There are many dozens of active cases among local residents at this time, according to local public health officials. The two most recent COVID updates from Cook County include nearly 200 combined new cases.