Conversations on Health and Well-Being

Kristin DeArruda Wharton is a Cook County resident and a current fellow with the Bush Foundation. In 2017, DeArruda Wharton approached WTIP with the idea of creating a series of interviews focused on topics relevant to not just health professionals, but anyone who is facing issues related to their own health, and that of their loved ones.

She is calling her series ‘Conversations on Health and Well Being.’

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Placeholder December 19, 2019
Conversation with a master herbalist and naturopath

Master Herbalist and Naturopath Gigi Stafne completed a month-long residency at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais this fall.

In this installment of a WTIP original series Conversations on Health and Wellbeing, host Kristin DeArruda Wharton speaks with Stafne about botanical and natural medicine.

Placeholder April 19, 2019
Conversations on Health and Well Being: Teresa Borak

The years 2018 and 2019 will be remembered for the retirement of many longtime community leaders on the North Shore.

Among those retiring this year is longtime nurse Teresa Borak of the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. Borak’s role in childbirth, maternity and family care has touched the lives of many in Cook County over three decades.

In this interview, WTIP volunteer Kristin DeArruda Wharton speaks with Borak about her nursing career supporting children and families on the North Shore.

Placeholder February 19, 2019
Conversations on Health and Wellbeing: Midwives and home birth

Recent coverage by Minnesota Public Radio highlighted the complex situation for rural Minnesota families seeking birthing care.  North Shore community members asked WTIP for information about an aspect of rural birthing care that was not detailed in the series: midwifery and home birth.  How are midwives trained and what services do they provide?  Is midwifery legal?  How do North Shore midwives address the risks involved in rural birth?

In the latest installment of Conversations on Health and Wellbeing, WTIP Host Kristin DeArruda Wharton speaks with Sadie Sigford of Grand Marais, a certified professional midwife, to learn more about midwifery and home birth in Minnesota.

Placeholder January 19, 2019
Conversations on Health and Well Being

Cook County, Grand Portage and the North Shore are home to amazing people with amazing stories.  In this episode, host Kristin DeArruda Wharton speaks with Kate and Bruce Dahlman about their involvement in healthcare education programs in northeastern Minnesota and their work to develop family medicine and nursing training programs in East Africa.

What has changed over the last 30 years in healthcare education, rural health, and how does this look different in rural Minnesota as compared to East Africa? Kristin finds out in this installment of WTIP’s Health & Well Being series.

Placeholder November 19, 2018
Conversations on Health and Well Being

While healthcare is always changing, one thing that remains the same is the dedicated, skilled and compassionate people at the heart of healthcare.  Anyone who has had any interaction in healthcare can recall that one person – a nurse, physician, emergency responder, lab or imaging staff, or the office person who took an extra moment with you… a person who was there for you in a time of need.  As rural communities at times are challenged to recruit and retain healthcare providers, what creative solutions are addressing the needs of these special people?

In this installment of Conversations on Health and Wellbeing, Host Kristin DeArruda Wharton speaks with Sheryl Sandahl, Interim Dean of Nursing at the College of Saint Scholastica to learn the differences between nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and family physicians. Kristin also talks with Bryan Slaba, CEO of Wagner Memorial Hospital, who created an innovative program to deal with Emergency Room staffing, community housing, and economic development in rural Wagner South Dakota.