The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams

“The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams” is written and performed by Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux.

For Katie Addams, summer vacation means trips to the farm, climbing hay bales, searching for new baby kittens … and checking the mailbox.

That’s because Uncle Edmond and Aunt Josephine are in a hot air balloon race around Africa! Nothing is too adventurous for them: they swim with sea turtles, explore the pyramids, hike the South American jungle, even play with penguins!

And wherever they go around the world, they send Katie letters. With her marvelous imagination, it’s like she’s right there with them.

But summer vacation is being put to the test by her parents’ divorce. Her dad wants her to spend a whole month at his house in Minneapolis… and her mom goes on a date!

Katie doesn’t think it can get any worse— until a phone call changes everything.

“The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams” is a poignant is a story about love, family, and adventure in a summer of change.

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