Finding baby animals on the North Shore
Ezme Mundell
Community Voices

Finding baby animals on the North Shore

Story by WTIP Youth Volunteer Ezme Mundell

Hi, it’s Ezme Mundell.

My sister (Beatrice) and I were biking up our driveway and came across a baby squirrel. I have to say that it was speedy! We stayed for a while watching the little Speedy squirrel we call scamper until a new little fella made an appearance, A SECOND SQUIRREL!

We named the second squirrel Lazy because most of what we saw was him sleeping or hiding in the bushes. I looked away for one second and boom there was another squirrel we named it Normal Nallie! Normal Nallie and Scamper loved playing with each other, rolling over one another, or going in for a big hug!

I have also noticed some baby Robins recently hatched! The birds made a nest on top of my grandma and grandpa’s light in front of their house. Now every time I walk inside their house I see the 3 little beaks begging for food. These are just a couple of the joys of living in the woods. Always be alert you may see something new in Nature!