“Gala for the Grove,” a celebration of Birch Grove Community School is back
Photo courtesy of Birch Grove
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“Gala for the Grove,” a celebration of Birch Grove Community School is back

A spring tradition has returned to Tofte, the Gala for the Grove, hosted by the Birch Grove Community School. WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Birch Grove School Board Member Sarena Nelson (pictured above, third from left) to find out what is in store for attendees this year.

For over 10 years the Gala has been held at the Surfside, which is part of the Bluefin Bay Resort. It is almost right across from the community school on Highway 61. There was a hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic, but the event is back in person this year.

The Gala is on May 14, starting with champagne and appetizers, and dinner at 6 p.m. There are silent and live auctions during the event, as well as music.

The event is semi-formal and many attendees have said it is like prom for grownups. Local photographer Bruce Johnson will be on hand to take photos.

And there is a theme this year, it is a masquerade ball. Attendees are encouraged to use their creativity to come wearing a fancy mask. However, that is not required. Nelson said organizers just want people to come and have fun at the Gala.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, visit the Gala for the Grove website or call Birch Grove Director Diane Blanchette at 218-663-0170.