Garage sales, litter cleanup, and family-fun events at Gunflint Green Days
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Garage sales, litter cleanup, and family-fun events at Gunflint Green Days

Summer feels like it has officially arrived in Cook County.

With the arrival of summer, there are endless opportunities and community events to participate in. Coming up this weekend, June 2-4, the Gunflint Green Days is taking place and includes a family-friendly weekend with nature, garage sales, litter cleanup, prizes, food, games, interactive educational booths, and an opportunity to connect with the community.

“We are just trying to keep the Gunflint Trail clean, green, and wild,” Andrea Hofeldt, the owner of Loon Lake Lodge, said.

The event kicks off with garage sales hosted by various Gunflint Trail residents and businesses on June 2. The main event is Saturday, June 3, from 10 a.m. to noon and involves a litter cleanup along the historic trail. After the cleanup, Hofeldt said, “We’re going to have a little celebration at the Schapp Community Center located mid-trail with food, games, educational booths, a little mosquito market, and definitely a ton of prizes.”

The mosquito market is a timely and accurate play on a flea market, Hofeldt comically explained. “It seems more clever to name it mosquito market because of the timing.”

The Gunflint Green Days organizers are looking for more litter cleanup volunteers. Learn more here.

“So come out and get involved and let’s have some fun,” Hofeldt said.

WTIP’s Mark Abrahamson spoke with Andrea Hofeldt about the upcoming Gunflint Green Days. Audio below.