Rhonda Silence

Grand Marais Lions Club recognizes essential workers as “Citizen of the Year”

Normally when the Grand Marais Lions Club announces the annual “Citizen of the Year,” there is some clue as to who it may be. Often, a group of family members and friends can be seen coaxing a person toward the Lions Club stage in Harbor Park. There are whispers and delighted smiles surrounding that person. On Saturday, August 7, 2021, there was just curiosity. No one had seen the call for nominees for the Senior Citizen of the Year or Citizen of the Year. Was the ceremony going to take place?

Grand Marais Lion Pete Kavanaugh, who organized the outstanding lineup of musicians who performed on the harbor stage throughout the weekend, answered that question with a meaningful message to the entire community. The Citizen of the Year award—for 2020 and 2021—goes to the frontline workers of Cook County.

Kavanaugh said, “As we have survived the last year and a half, enduring unusual circumstances, the Grand Marais Lions Club decided we wanted to recognize more than one or two Citizens of the Year. This year we are recognizing all the essential workers as they worked to take care o the residents of Cook County.

“We can start by recognizing all the medical workers, but also the people beside them, supplying support. We also had tons of volunteers, delivering groceries, meals and working at the vaccine clinics to name a few. We had businesses making sure they were open for a multiple needs and concerns to the community.

“Unfortunately we can’t name each person individually. In fact, it’s difficult to name all the groups without leaving someone out. So, for you who worked in the forefront, as well as in the background, we thank you.

“You know who you are and what you did to protect and keep Cook County well and to be a shining example to the rest of the state. You knew how to get the job done and have collaborated well to accomplish it. Let’s keep up this good work,” said Kavanaugh.