City of Grand Marais

Grand Marais Liquor Store to offer curbside pickup starting Wed., April 1

Beginning Wednesday, April 1, the Grand Marais Liquor Store will offer curbside pickup, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Placing an order:

1. Have your list prepared
2. They will not accept cash. Please have a credit card ready (if you cannot pay with a credit card they will accept a check when you arrive.)
3. Call 218-387-1630 to place your order

Before you leave to pick up your order, be sure you have valid Identification, and prepare a check if you didn’t pay by credit card.

When you arrive:
1. Open your trunk, truck-bed or hatch
2. Return to your seat
3. Prepare to show identification
4. Call 218-877-7565 to let them know you are ready to pick up your order
5. After staff have completed the transaction, close your own trunk, truck-bed or hatch