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Grant Hauschild comments on wins and shortfalls of the 2024 legislative session
Minnesota State Senate

Grant Hauschild comments on wins and shortfalls of the 2024 legislative session

The 2024 Minnesota state legislative session came to a bumpy end on May 20. The close of the session included delays and filibustering that prevented legislators to vote on some bills, and other proposed legislation was left incomplete in committees. Despite the difficult of to the session, some bills and plans were approved, including several that would fund projects and work in Cook County.

State Senator Grant Hauschild spoke with WTIP about the end of the legislative session. He reflected on his efforts to work with both parties, and he talked about some of the specific bills he worked on.

The difficulties at the end of the legislative session were based in part on partisan tension. Hauschild, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Laborer party, and state Representative Roger Skraba, a Republican, have both spoken publicly about their work together.

Hauschild said, “I’m really proud of the bipartisan work that him and I as well as others have been able to do. And we’ve just got to keep working on those issues, because that’s really, I think, what people expect is that at the end of the day, regardless of your party, that you’re getting the job done and delivering what you promised to your voters.”

The result of the turmoil at the end of the session meant that several pieces of legislation were left in committee or were not voted on before time ran out. One of those bills was a bonding bill that Hauschild said would have funneled more financial support to counties like Cook County. The proposed bill would have funded rural infrastructure projects across the region. He expressed disappointment that the bill was not voted on, but Hauschild added that he was skeptical that it would have passed had a vote been called. He said, “I will say regardless of some of the chaos of the end of the session, I don’t think we had the Republican votes for a bonding bill from the beginning. And that’s really unfortunate to me, because there’s nothing more important than making investments back in our communities.”

Hauschild commented further on some of the bills he supported, including a bill to support increased outdoor education opportunities, strengthening ATV recreation infrastructure, and the creation of regulations for a major helium extraction project. He also talked about his choice to support only some of the gun control legislation proposed by the DFL this year, voting against a gun storage law.

While the 2024 session concluded just weeks ago, Hauschild is already considering the 2025 session. He said that at this time, the priorities he has identified are expanding broadband access, increasing affordable childcare options, and improving access to mental health care services in rural areas.

WTIP’s Kirsten Wisniewski spoke with Sen. Grant Hauschild about the 2024 legislative session, and what he plans to focus on going into the 2025 session. Audio of that interview is below.