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Gunflint ranger addresses concerns about logging at George Washington Pines

Forest management that will include logging operations at the popular George Washington Pines area on the Gunflint Trail are a topic of discussion for many who recreate in the area.

Logging could begin as soon as the summer of 2020 in the George Washington Pines area. While this information is not new with the turning of the calendar year, it has been a topic of concern for some local residents.

Logging and other forest-management practices at George Washington Pines are part of the larger Kimball Vegetation Management Project Area. The project will take place in areas along Trout Lake Road, the George Washington Pines Area and the Gunflint Trail, as well as other adjacent areas. The project could include tree harvest, prescribed burning, reforestation, fuel reduction and wildlife habitat improvement actions.

Gunflint District Ranger Michael Crotteau spoke with WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs for an update on the project, specifically addressing some of the concerns local residents have about the George Washington Pines recreation area.

The full audio to this discussion is posted below.

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