Hegg family surviving Shanghai COVID-19 lockdown
Photo courtesy of the family

Hegg family surviving Shanghai COVID-19 lockdown

Shanghai, China has become one of the places in the world with the highest number of COVID-19 cases despite the stringent COVID-19 restrictions in that country. The climbing cases in Shanghai are related to the easily-spread Omicron virus, which fortunately seems to be less deadly than the previous COVID-19 variants.

A former Cook County resident, Tony Hegg, lives in Shanghai and has provided updates on the coronavirus situation in Shanghai throughout the pandemic. WTIP checked in with Tony in light of this latest news, to see how he, his wife, Jessica Vega and their son, Wylan are faring in the face of this increase in COVID numbers and the subsequent lock-down in the city of Shanghai.

Here’s WTIP’s Rhonda Silence speaking with Tony via Zoom about the complicated process to get food during the lockdown and the bulk and barter system that is working—most of the time.  Tony also talks about the COVID testing process for their apartment complex and about the odd experience of being monitored by drones.

Their conversation is below.