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ISD 166 teachers union supports systemic change to eliminate racism

The School District 166 teachers union, known as the Cook County Education Association (CCEA), issued a statement on June 12, clearly stating that it supports systemic change to eliminate racism.

The statement reads:
The Cook County Education Association (CCEA) is committed to systemic change to dismantle white supremacy and end race-based violence. We believe Black Lives Matter and we support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The horrifying death of George Floyd is yet another example of the racism that Black, Brown and Indigenous Minnesotans live with every day. It’s also an opportunity for us to join together and rewrite the rules so everyone, with no exceptions, can thrive without fear, care for their families, have their voices heard, and their rights respected.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with the teachers union president, Chad Benesh, about the statement. Science teacher Benesh talked about the crafting of the statement and about the efforts that have been under way at School District 166. Their conversation is below.

The ISD 166 School Board meets Thursday, June 18 at 5 p.m. via Zoom teleconference. Among usual school business is an agenda item titled “Respect for All” Initiative. The full agenda can be seen here. For information on participating in some way, contact the school district at 218-387-2271.