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Isle Royale Mats Loaned to Grand Portage

ISRO_Web_Handwoven_Reed_Mat_Press-Release-10-14-20 (475x274).jpg
ISRO_Web_Handwoven_Reed_Mat_Press-Release-10-14-20 (475x274).jpg

North Shore Morning Host, Mark Abrahamson talks with Liz Valencia about five culturally significant mats, at least two of which were made by Isle Royale resident, Tchi-ki-wis, Mrs. Helen Robinson Linklater that travelled from Isle Royale National Park Museum in Houghton, Michigan to Grand Portage, Minnesota. 
The mats are now on loan to Grand Portage National Monument and join 12 other mats in the Grand Portage museum collection.

Listen to the full interview below.