Java Moose weather reports reach the WTIP airwaves
CJ Heithoff
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Java Moose weather reports reach the WTIP airwaves

It started with smoky skies from wildfires, and it’s grown from there.

Online weather reports and posts by Java Moose, the coffee shop in downtown Grand Marais, developed a following in the summer of 2021. The daily weather reports and morning conditions from the harbor in Grand Marais are posted by Sarah Jorgenson, an employee at Java Moose. The Jorgenson family owns the coffee shop in Grand Marais.

Sarah reports when it is below zero during the winter months, when it’s raining in the spring, foggy or sunny in the summer and every day in between.

During WTIP’s summer membership in July 2022, Sarah stopped by to share a morning weather report on WTIP’s Daybreak program. While she was there, she talked with WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs about the Java Moose reports she shares on the local business’s Instagram page. Listen to the full conversation in the audio below.