Jaye White

Lake County administrator talks possible benefits from B2B motorized touring route

The Border to Border Motorized Touring Route in northeastern Minnesota would be a good fit for Lake County, according to a unanimous decision by the Lake County Commissioners on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

The proposed motorized Border to Border Touring Route (B2B) is described as an adventure tour for licensed highway vehicles over existing gravel or paved Forest Service, DNR or county-managed roads. The route, when finalized, will be signed and mapped.

Though nothing remains official as of Feb. 13, there are discussions about transferring the location of the route outside of Cook County and shifting it to Lake County, likely dropping down to Silver Bay. The Lake County board went so far as to adopt a resolution in support of the B2B in Lake County.

This motorized touring route has now been discussed during multiple meetings of the Lake County Board of Commissioners in recent weeks.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Lake County Administrator Matt Huddleston about the Border to Border Motorized Touring Route. The audio from that conversation is posted below.