Local Business Spotlight: The Blue Moose & LutZen Massage Studios
Teri Chilefone

Local Business Spotlight: The Blue Moose & LutZen Massage Studios

For many small businesses in Grand Marais and along the North Shore, the start of the busy summer tends to bring joy, celebration, and a touch of welcomed stress. For business owners Teri Chilefone and James Coleman of The Blue Moose and LutZen Massage Studios, this summer season is shaping up to be just that. 

This Saturday, June 17, Chilefone and Coleman will celebrate the one-year anniversary of purchasing The Blue Moose from long-time owners Bill and Marybeth Doucette. 

As they near the milestone, Coleman said, “It feels good. We’re getting a grasp on what’s going on over there and getting started on remodeling some of the cabins and just kind of having fun with it.” 

In addition to the garden, gift shop, and greenhouses on site, The Blue Moose has five long-term rental cabins on the property. “Workforce is always a struggle here in Cook County,” Coleman said. “It’s a place where people can find a place to stay in the community.” 

This summer, Coleman is remodeling a few of the cabins and plans to add more long-term rentals in the near future. “It’s a community, and small as it may be, it is an awesome little community back there.”

Another development and addition to The Blue Moose this past week is a new 3-dimensional steel sign created by a gentleman from Two Harbors. “That’s been a really fun collaboration,” Chilefone said. 

With the remodeling efforts, a new sign, and a few other smaller projects in the works, the owners describe the summer season as off to a good start at The Blue Moose. 

While operating and growing one small business might seem daunting for some, Chilefone and Coleman have yet another thriving small business to tend to. “We do have a lot of irons in the fire,” Chilefone said. 

Founded nearly a decade ago, in 2014, LutZen Massage Studios has experienced immense growth and transformation. Chilefone said she is excited to announce opening of a third studio in Grand Marais, which is in the yellow building formerly known as the Harbor House across from the Angry Trout on Hwy 61. “There are great views, and it will be a great space for couples, singles, and also women’s groups,” Chilefone said. 

In addition, LutZen Massage Studios will begin hosting retreats and workshops at Larsmont Cottages, an Odyssey Resorts property in Two Harbors. Chilefone said the first retreat would be on Nov. 1. 

The exciting news keeps going. Chilefone said she plans to add saunas to each LutZen Massage Studio location starting this July. The first location to receive a handbuilt sauna by Twin-Cities-based company Nomad Sauna is the “property that’s down at the Red Pine building.” She added, “We’re also hoping to possibly do some mobile saunas.”

Chilefone and Coleman contribute their entrepreneurial success to building relationships and collaborations between businesses in the area. “I think it’s the only way that small business actually works,” Coleman said. “We’re all in this together.”

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with James Coleman and Teri Chilefone, the owners of The Blue Moose & LutZen Massage Studios, for the June feature of the Local Business Spotlight. Audio below. 

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