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Local grocery stores on COVID challenges and changes

March 3 marks one year since WTIP Community Radio started coverage of the coronavirus and reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, WTIP has shared daily updates on what is happening on the North Shore, as the pandemic went from abstract news to reality in our community.

Our WTIP website at one time had a long list of closures and cancellations, as well as instructions about how to get groceries from our local stores. The list is gone as the community has settled into a routine, getting used to ordering food online and picking it up in the parking lot. All three local grocery stores- Johnson’s Foods, Gene’s Foods, and the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op–have been able to reopen for customers, but with some caveats.

How are our stores doing after a year of challenges and changes? Here’s WTIP Rhonda Silence with a report.