Jim Cordes
Community Conversations

Looking back on the 1999 Blowdown storm

During the early-morning hours of July 4, 1999, a series of thunderstorms roared across northern Minnesota. In what would become forever known as “Blowdown Storm,” damaging and powerful winds would leave scars on the area some of which are still visible to this day.  According to estimates by the US Forest Service, an estimated 25 million trees were blown down during the storm.

In the summer of 2019, WTIP is looking back on the Blowdown storm through a series of commemorative features and interviews with those who experienced the legendary storm firsthand.

Included in this series was a special community conversation program that aired lived June 20. WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs hosted the program. He was joined in the studio by Janice Matichuk from the Cache Bay Ranger Station in Quetico Provincial Park and by retired meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Duluth, Mike Stewart.

Several people also phoned in during the show to share their stories and memories from the Blowdown storm.