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Neighbors work to get injured pileated woodpecker to rehab center

On August 9, Mary Hanson of Lutsen experienced something that has happened to many homeowners, a bird hitting a window of her house. This was not a little sparrow or chickadee however, it was a pileated woodpecker. Mary was heartbroken to see the large woodpecker crumpled on the ground. Mary reached out to the community to see if anyone could transport the injured bird to a wildlife rehab center.

The request was answered by Leah Nelson who drove the woodpecker to Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation in Duluth.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Mary Hanson about the experience.

Today, August 10, WTIP followed up with Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation to see if the pileated woodpecker had survived its journey to Duluth. The good news is that it did and an immediate inspection showed no broken bones. However, Valerie Slocum, with Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation said there are no guarantees that the bird will recover. It does have significant swelling and has been transported to another wildlife rehabilitation center for further testing.

WTIP will check in on the bird’s progress in our next regular interview with Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation on North Shore Morning on August 18. For now, here’s an update on how it has fared so far.

Anyone who encounters a wounded animal is encouraged to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center for advice and assistance. Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation can be reached by phone at 218-491-3604.