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New owners for Grand Marais Marathon

The Grand Marais Marathon gas station/convenience store has new owners. Craig and Lynn Schulte, who opened the store and operated it for several decades, have sold the store to Sam and Sabby Bains.

The Bains family, originally from India, have lived in California for the last 27 years. They operate a cross-country transportation and brokerage company. However, Sam Bains said he once worked at a gas station and it has long been a dream of his to own a gas station.

In his travels, he visited Grand Marais and discovered the Marathon station. After a few days in the community, he decided this was the gas station/store for him. His wife, Sabby, also spent just a few days on the North Shore but felt welcome and willing to make a move to Minnesota.

The couple will keep their California home and will continue to operate their other businesses.

Sam said he doesn’t anticipate any major changes at Marathon and all of the current staff will continue. However, he said they will be adding an exciting new offering this summer—Indian foods. He said to watch for an announcement of a day for local Marathon customers to come in and sample some Indian foods, probably in February.

Sam told WTIP’s Rhonda Silence that he and his family really love the community and will strive to make their customers and employees happy.

Here’s their conversation.